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But it is so it is so um wrote in predictable and he would set your watch yet how things change in this movie uh interesting casquette the kid from connie by your name in there somewhere uh even every phase he's everywhere now yeah he's lady bird on how to put a stop to that current yep so uh the disturbing it'd be looks beautiful they found up there and of an montana but yet to start to stars for hostile nestled bound uh phantom threat and have threat this is the new paul thomas anderson maloney helped me care about this okay todd i think you're going to need some time to care about no rather than rush it okay let's jump on the other side because this is a allegedly daniel daylewis his last movie yes and i love paul thomas anderson and i think this sounds like a really dry that's what i'm sorry but showed me here we'll get to it coming up after these we'll get to phantom thread and the the rest of the movies that are opening as well and we'll talk a little sunday i'd like to lie down and way mattress firm mattress in watch the thread movie and i'll tell you about that after traffic crash cell phone harrison boulevard 30th street in weaver county the turning lane is blocked there um traffic slow at ogden his having most of the issues this morning for some reason not much going on in salt lake earlier crash northbound i fifteen approaching one hundred and six health and sandy but that looks to be mostly cleared up by now you see something let us know text it to us three three nine eight six show would you year a new bed that you should replace your mattress like what are they say every eight contained near ages ten years would probably have it jeff probably out a mattress a long time ago and have never given it anymore thought and what what you'll realize when you get a new mattress firm mattress you all know how horrible your old mattress was until you sleep on a new one so get a you can.

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