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Debate voting rights legislation tomorrow as NPR's Alana wise reports king's granddaughter Yolanda Rene king delivered remarks today on the importance of voting rights The 13 year old from Atlanta traveled to Washington to encourage Congress to pass comprehensive voting rights reform She spoke alongside her parents from the Frederick Douglass bridge in D.C. In her speech king called on lawmakers to pass the two voting rights bills that now sit stalled in the Senate Her choice of speaking location a bridge was meant to highlight how if Congress could pass an infrastructure Bill what should stop them from passing voting rights legislation The 8th grade king's remarks came 59 years after her grandfather delivered his famous I have a dream speech in Washington For NPR news I'm Alana wise in Washington The leader of a Texas synagogue who was held hostage on Saturday says it was a terrifying experience In an interview with CBS this morning rabbi charley citron walker said security courses he and his congregation have taken helped him get through the ordeal from member station K ERA in Dallas Stella Chavez has more During the last hour of the standoff citron walker says things weren't looking good the hostage taker British national Malik Faisal akram wasn't getting what he wanted Citron walker says he saw an opportunity I am made sure that the two gentlemen who are still with me that they were ready to go The exit wasn't too far away I told them to go I threw a chair at the gunman And I headed for the door And all three of us were able to get out without even a shopping fire Akram died after law enforcement entered the synagogue On Sunday British authorities said they had arrested two teenagers as part of their investigation into the events I'm still a Chaves in Dallas Beginning this week the federal government is deploying more than a hundred military healthcare workers to hospitals overwhelmed by a surge in COVID-19 cases Quinn klinefelter of member station W D T reports it's the first wave of about a thousand federal medical personnel ready to help health officials say many hospitals face severe staff shortages from workers quarantined because of the highly contagious omicron variant The Biden administration is sending an infusion of military medical reinforcements to hospitals and states especially overwhelmed by cases of COVID That includes Michigan New York New Jersey New Mexico Ohio and Rhode Island W D E T Quinn klinefelter this is NPR The United Arab Emirates is condemning what it calls a terrorist attack in Abu Dhabi today Police say possible drone strikes caused three fuel trucks to explode and trigger a fire near the international airport three people were killed Yemen's Houthi rebels are claiming responsibility the UAE works with Saudi Arabia to fight the Iranian backed rebels New research suggests that Mars may have once been home to a cold ocean and Pierre's Jeff brumfield has details Its surface has valleys that look like they were carved by running water and evidence of ancient shorelines in the planet's northern hemisphere but there aren't enough of these features to suggest that Mars was super warm and wet Now Frederick Schmidt of Paris university and his colleagues have run computer models that show billions of years ago there could have been a cold Martian ocean the ocean would have been located in the northern hemisphere It could have delivered rainfall to some areas and built up glaciers in others The researchers say their vision of a cold wet Mars fits with current observations but more data from rovers is needed The work appears in the proceedings of the national Academy of Sciences Jeff bromfield and piano's Washington In the Pacific island nation of Tonga communications are still extremely limited after Saturday's tsunami triggered by an undersea volcanic eruption that was felt thousands of miles away the islands are covered in ash Australia New Zealand of saint surveillance flights to assess damage I am Barbara Klein and PR news Support for NPR comes from NPR stations Other contributors include clavio working to help brands deliver personalized email and SMS campaigns that drive revenue and create genuine customer relationships.

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