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The people that benefit that people that aren't being considered the guy so if Eric Brin becomes an enormous red zone threat early in the season and let's say he's catching. Let's say the first two weeks he has. You know three or four touchdowns then you're going to see either Vance McDonald whether they're on the field at the same time or not or or definitely the wide receivers getting getting more opportunities in the red zone because teams are GonNa have to focus so much on him so it really who I think. Steps up early is going to dictate how things play out later. But that's just you know from a former high school coach. That's how you that's how you do it you you. You're going off the scouting report. The next thing you know you've got one player you know of course with the NFL. It's a whole different level of this. Like you got a player that you like all we gotta look out for him will next thing you know. You're so focused on him. You didn't even realize that the guy that the guy next to him was just as much as just as much as a threat and if you leave your guard down that he's going to be the one that Burns you daredevil. Says he's an automated out Switzer but he's currently living in Ben's garage so he's making the team and it's not that there's not spots on the team for people We'll just have to see how that all plays out and if we have you know notice last year camp. They were guys stepping up and doing things that weren't necessarily being talked about before camp. There's people that you thought could maybe step up and early be something and they and they didn't so once once you get to your depth pieces that's kind of the way that it goes came marks was saying how he doesn't agree that they should take a receiver at certain rounds of the draft of her bigger needs. I'm all about taking taking a player that you think that like Juju Smith Schuster. They didn't need a wide receiver in the second round of that draft but what the thoughts that they had the feelings they had towards Juju when he was still there when they were picking like. We can't pass this guy up in the steelers. Don't take a position that is one that people feel as of need early on. It's probably because they have a plan later and that plan many times could be. Oh well. Let's let's not use corner because the steelers struggle attracting corner. Let's let's use wide receiver. There might be that there was a really good wide receiver that they were that that that everyone thought. Oh my goodness there fall into the steelers and the steelers take a different position like what what could have been because the steelers had someone else in mind later on that they're like. Hey this guy is going to be a steal. But we don't need to take him here and that was my question with the Andre Johnson is is when they took him with their with their first third round. Pick knowing that they were picking not that much longer. I actually. This was why Jeff accused me of being John. They Johnson Hater which is funny because now he's the wallpaper on my phone. I have signed many helmet from him. Things like that It was my first question was did they have did they need make this pick right now is this. Was this spot to take him or was it or is he still gonna be the next time around and they're going to miss out on someone that they could have had in there and that was a big question for people but didn't take long. I mean less than an hour of research and just listening to things to realize that they if they didn't get the on Day Johnson there they might not have got the day John at all and they made and they made the right. Pick to me the wise pick. I love it the way it worked out. I like Brian. Anthony Davis once said you know what happens if Seattle doesn't trade up and know. Seattle has two losses. But what what? Seattle doesn't sorry. Sorry about that Brian. What does Seattle trade up and grab decay? Metcalf would the steelers draft decay metcalf? Brian Answer is no. I think they still would have gone with the Johnson because that was the guy they wanted. So that's just sometimes how it goes. They might have a guy that like. Everyone else thinks he's a thinks he's a fifth round. We think he's a third round. And we'll take you in the fourth round you know so it's really interesting to see how this stuff plays out so sorry that. I just kind of went into that a little bit. I don't like getting locked into a position. I think the steelers last two years. I've done a great job in the draft of addressing some needs in free agency so they weren't forced to have to go do one given specific position a draft. Because when that happens it generally doesn't work out. I'm sorry my my live chat skipped a little bit so I'm just kind of jumping back in wherever I say it. So let's see here a little bit frozen. Yeah there it went and it's gone so so Here we go captain underpants. I just got here. That said he respects for disagrees. He thinks the next per star is going to be capable Johnson. Good will be great but I think Klay will have the report with Ben which will push him. I think you know what we can agree to disagree because I think Johnson is the one who's really getting that that report ban and I'm saying he's. He's on his way to superstardom year this year. So he's got a year up on clay pool and that's why. I think he's going to be the next one and if it looks like it could be both Johnson and Klay Pool. You know then it could be a situation like flip was talking about earlier where unfortunately my wife's Juju Smith Schuster Jersey might not be one that you'll want chilwan wear.

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