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NCUA it's four thirty eight percent the spread of viruses with Michael and sons germicidal UV C. go to Michael and son dot com traffic and weather on the aids and when it breaks it's getting wet and slippery on the Baltimore Washington parkway north bound near four fifty the ramp is blocked the SUV rolled over it's on its side in the grass the ramp is blocked for fifty can't get there from the north bound B. W. parkway you have to get up before tenet circle back the on the beltway between the belt weighs on the northbound lanes of the parkway to ninety five near the exit for B. W. I. Marshall Anna Rundle fire rescue responding to a crash northbound on the parkway could step with ninety five no spin outs or mishaps reported through Baltimore Howard prince George's counties including around the beltway on that portion of the bill with the Kerry's ninety five through the metro area no mishaps reported just south of it though force builders crash report on route four near Suitland parkway route fifty no incidents between beltway and bay bridge in Virginia north bound George Washington parkway the crash where they often happen your key bridge left side blocked again by the fire rescue police response getting buy one lane to the right northbound on the George Washington parkway I sixty six since about Rhonda falls church from four ninety five of Centerville and analysis there a couple of single lane closures for work zones but there are no major delays little sluggish westbound toward Manassas business to thirty four where the left lanes been blocked southbound sluggish traffic on ninety five Newington through Woodbridge but with lanes reported as available need a windows window nation without a for your payments for two years right now get to windows server two by call eight six six ninety nation or visit window nation dot com Dave Jill dying WTOP traffic Amelia draper stormteam four everybody getting wet right now oh absolutely it is just a rainy it's Thursday afternoon and evening out there will continue to track showers and drizzle overnight tonight with lows in the upper forties to mid fifties.

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