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Whenever or wherever these random explosions occurred, they set off a firestorm online. You look at the social media. Everybody is getting shook it out of bed, down houses, the shaking their getting woken up out of a sound sleep. You know, in this day and age, you get scared, and they don't know what's happening in the city in the world unacceptable to Brockton. Deputy Fire Chief Edward Williams, whose department through the State Arson Watch Rewards program has offered up to $5000 for information that Leads to an arrest. It's illegal explosive that's being set off, so we want to make sure that whoever has these explosives they get off the street. Chris Mama WBZ Boston's NewsRadio police involved shooting in Brockton earlier today. An armed man Shot by an officer on Overlook Avenue after police responded to a domestic disturbance. Initially, police had responded to that home after a call from a child who told them two of his relatives were fighting witness to say a man came at police armed with a knife, then was shot by Officers. It's not clear how many officers fired a weapon or how many times the man was struck while President Trump has yet to speak publicly on the Nashville explosion, the incoming president Joe Biden did today. Mortar. Maybe Suzanne Byfield, he says the Nashville explosion is the prime reason why trusting and supporting US intelligence is critical Is bombing was reminder of the destructive power than individual. Or a small group can muster. The need for continuing vigilance across the board. President elect Biden praising first responders for saving lives. Nashville's mayor says President Trump has yet to call him since the explosion three days ago. Andy Field, ABC NEWS Washington So the arrests in a deadly shooting Saturday evening in Lynn Yes, 60 Days. Officers 31 year old Kostova Santana was killed during the shooting that happened during the filming of a music video. In all six people were shot learning more about an active duty soldier accused in the shooting spree in the north of Illinois Bowling Alley, U S Army Special Forces sergeant arrested in an apparent random shooting at a bowling alley in Rockford, Illinois. That left three people dead and three others wounded, had four deployments to Afghanistan. The most recent Ending in July, 37 year old Duke Web joined the army in 2000 and eight and was on leave at the time of the shooting spree Saturday night in the city 80 miles northwest of Chicago. Webb was assigned toe Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Jim Krystle, a CBS News in the New year, Voters in Georgia, will be casting ballots into Senate runoff elections was also those elections could Determine the party that has control of the Senate is President elect Joe Biden takes office. A B C's reclined tells us even the Republican turnouts traditionally higher and run off elections Democrats have been mobilizing after Joe Biden won the state in November. This talk about a rigged election of the president's false claims. Even someone is legal team suggesting that Republicans should boycott this election. It has hurt the Republican Party in Georgia. It is motivated Democrats were seeing record turnout for this kind of a run off election. The runoff election is a week from tomorrow. January, 5th. President Trump will travel to Georgia January 4th for a political rally to support the Republican candidates. 70 wait, We check on Wall Street and Rule Day is at Bloomberg. Wall Street kicked off the final week of the year. Actually the final four days, with indexes setting new records, traders weighed in on the signing of the pandemic relief bill. Many consider far from great but immensely better than nothing. Now Rose 204, NASDAQ Up 95 S and P 500 up 32 look at stocks by category so big hopes for a return to normal travel and leisure habits. Not necessarily soon, but at least coming. Hotel operators, casino companies and cruise lines showing some of the biggest gains and $15 billion in payroll aid for airlines is part of the cove in relief bill boosted airline stocks. And you rode a Bloomberg business on WBZ Boston's news radio at home at.

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