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Htc no they can tell the story so the the second really party took seventy more people for the camp leaving only about ten p behind one including georgian tamsin donner along with three of their kids i i guess they really wanted their name to be i build on this wicket beating a weird weird choice century equivalent to shoot your boyfriend through a book on youtube seriously like at this point like what wouldn't you do to be part of the rescued grew raines one shoving rose more voters j gardner how trade so we're almost to the end story but they're still a few critical boxes w we haven't checked yet most importantly the parents eating babies check box but don't worry here comes atheism for the win damn right and i as the third voter rescue team was headed truckee lake they passed a group of the second wave heading out of the mountains this included eleven survivors including a mother and her oneyearold baby plus the corpses of her two other little kids looking like partially eaten apples oh okay but to be fair rather eat a nineteenth century child than an apple have you try come stirred bleeding it thought horror what it is eight the whole fucking thing before you take a bite out of an accident like to have every kid fuck your narrative of course one another.

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