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One thing to note. This is actually based on a kid's book. My my wife is a teacher. And the last book she read her students was the one and only Ivan, which at least I talked about a couple weeks ago a couple months ago, which was a Disney movie. And she was all excited for that. She actually asked me about the war with Grandpa. I knew nothing about it. And I said, is that is that Why is that a movie for kids? She's like, Yeah, it's based on this book. And the reason I said That is because Robert DeNiro dinner movie about four years ago, 34 years ago called Dirty Grandpa. With Zac Effron, where he was this hard talking obnoxious philanderer, and they went on spring break together What? That movie was full on R rated adult humor. This has nothing to do with it. And I wish they would have figured out some way to differentiate that because even me who works in the movie world I got taken by then I was like, Oh, is this Does this have anything to do with Dirty Grandpa has nothing to do with dirty Grandpa. So this is a kid's movie. This is for families. It's about a like a 12 year old who's in 11 or 12 year old Who's In middle school. It is absolutely for the family crowd. Let me just say that again. This is absolutely a family movie. Don't get confused. I I think that that's important because I think it's very easy to confuse some people. Maybe 30 Grandpa had been have been a big hit would have been harder, but Who knows, But I will say it's a family movie. It's a kid's movie, and the story is is pretty no routine. We've seen this kind of thing before. Where there's there's sort of a feud between two people, So it's It's kind of a familiar story. I think it's kind of amazing about it is the cast they put together. Robertson Nero being in it. Robert DeNiro is dunce. Um ah. He's done some out of the box stuff. He's done some risks lately, especially later in his career. I mean, not every movie is going to be a Martin Scorsese Oscar nominee like Irishman last year. But they got like UMA Thurman to play the mom and I haven't seen her in a movie. I honestly the last movie I saw her in was nymphomaniac. And that thing was like 678 years ago. Something like that. She's been out of the limelight for a while. But you also have his friends played by Christopher Walken and Cheech Marron, who are a hoot. By the way, they're very funny walk ins great in everything he does, even even in jail. He was in the movies, easily one of the worst movies Hollywood has made this century. He's in that, and he's actually funny in his limited performance. So I love walking in it, I think teach Marin's very funny you got Jane Seymour. Also in there is sort of like the old people contingency. You got Rob Riggle as a father, so they got actually a really good cast. And the kids work well, but the point is, is the kids they they work with Robert De Niro and it's this middle schooler who wants his room back. So of course, they're playing tricks on each other and pranks back and forth, and we've seen That exchange of pranks before and it gets over the top and crazy kind of like, you know, one of those daddy's home movies that that will Ferrell. It's something that you would expect to see welfare. Maybe one. Will Ferrell gets to be grandfather age. This would be a will Ferrell kind of movie for him. Or something that the original Chevy Chase before he got old and fat and problematic to work with. It's something you would have seen him do like like as a National Lampoon's vacation movie. You know, it's not a great movie. It's not a revelation. It doesn't really do anything terribly new, but it's funny. I got to say it's funny. It's entertaining. There's some humor in there. That's squarely for the family audience. There's a couple things that fly high enough over the kids heads that the adults are going to get it. But they're not going to be so obvious that they're going to ruin anything for kids. There's a couple godfather callbacks in the movie. If you would go watch the trailer. You see one of them in there that the kids aren't gonna understand unless they've seen the Godfather. And why would they I mean, the Godfather is a great movie, but it's not exactly something A five year old's gonna enjoy. But these air this is the cute little movie. It's like something you would have seen on the Disney Channel. Maybe a higher grade. You know, like when I talked about that Secret Society for second borns, either last week or the week before that seems to be an elevated level of Disney Channel tight movie on this one kind of feels the same way always not made by Disney, but it feels like something that would be on Nickelodeon or Nickelodeon films would have done ah couple years ago. So, Yeah, I kind of enjoyed how surprised I was like, Oh, this is going to suck, but but you know what? It kind of worked out. I kind of enjoyed it. So I'm gonna have to say the war with Grandpa kind of rocks. It kinda rocks. You're listening to fat guys at the movies with Kevin Car. Let's talk about the haunting of blind manner. Based on the ghost stories of Henry James. This Netflix series follows an AU pair who gets a job in England watching over to troubled youngsters. Let's come up with a story. I know it losses. Your parents loved you so so much. Anyway, they'll always be here. Things Thiss.

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