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It's so great it's so it's it is it is such a an amazing world that they build here that the director wants to keep you in there as long as possible and you ain't going down because we better take a tore this world right here in his in his about his is like a two hour who you are going to be there for a while bringing lunch oh yeah should bring lunch and dinner because it's a with the as a maginitude bizet's movie is as as great as the representation of technology is here because the tech is great just like the just like this has a foot in the rid the movie i love the technology that they heavy where it's done it it's it's advanced is futuristic but just a small part of it is recognizable in the stuff that we use today the technology we use today in especially when you get to the virtual girlfriend you can buy it oh yeah oil e hey y'all fellas utech guys step it up all of these is funny how wouldn't when it comes to sex robots we've actually advance further than this movie we we got our priorities straight line we have we are close to getting the sex robots their walk talking but the soon sooner you well think about it that's what the replicates at least half of them are they they're so advanced that even their robots get to have virtual s a good sex girlfriend oh yeah oh yeah no it's it's it's a lotta recognizable technology this going on here which in the movie is far more advanced in its in his in his very funded to see is a lot of fun to watch that but being two and a half hours long.

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