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That are already in progress it's been a big year so far for horror movies paramount's a quiet place directed by john present ski and starring his wife emily blunt cost seventeen million dollars gross nearly one hundred eighty seven million domestically and then eight twenty four hereditary directed by this thirty one year old guy aster and starring toni collette cost ten million dollars gross more than thirty one million domestically these are not your throwaway horror movies of the sort that i guess we're sort of used to but there's something a little deeper about them is that the reason why they are clicking people do respond to smart movies still yeah i mean it seems like you know everybody will point to get out as kind of starring the trend and and people talk about this term elevated horror which is supposedly horror like get out or quiet place that you know is a little bit classier maybe means a little bit more and have you talked horror fans they bristle at that term because they say whore has always meant something it's always been about this but it does seem like you know whether you like the term or not it is paying off at the box office now i mean people this is what kind of what people want is is these these smarter smarter takes guess and they both have a little bit of oscar buzz around them certainly people are talking about in the actress race both emily blunt from a quiet place and now toni collette from hereditary it's interesting again it does come back to get out that you know the kademi long head sort of a bias toward john rao fair but certainly after last year with the shape of water and get out doing so well it's suggests that maybe these efforts to revamp the members of the academy are also causing them to be a little more open minded about what great movies are but moving onto to other movies that began rolling out before the summer and are still hanging on a little bit these were kind of disappointments from disney that's something a phrase you don't hear often disappoints from disney but basically after the phenomenal success early in the year of black panther disney then released eva d'auvergne as a wrinkle in time which was a one hundred and three million dollar outpatient of well no novel of the same name of course and then also ron howard solo star wars story which we mentioned earlier this was a roughly two hundred seventy five million dollars spin off of the most famous franchise in movie history and neither did very well at the box office what is that about yeah you know i mean i think solo is kind of the the easier one to answer right which is people keep saying that well we just star wars is becoming less special i mean this this movie really didn't tell you anything you do didn't know already show you anything that you really needed to know it wasn't even like rogue one which was also a prequel but it was all new characters you didn't know what was going you in a sense knew what would happen they're gonna steal a desktop grants but you did not know where it was going where this one oh he's gonna meet landau and you know he's a guy that's likes fine spaceships i mean there just wasn't anything there to really make you go i need to go see this unlike even last jedi was divisive but you wanted to know who are as parents are they going to answer all these questions they didn't answer them but people still wanted to go see it there's a level of excitement for that star wars fatigue because it's just these guys are i guess alternating between spinoff in a main whatever you call it a main installment of part.

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