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I'm not sure crystal dangerfield fits in sailor plans, but it's nice to have her rights in case they strike out some other point guards. Yeah. I just don't understand getting draft picks when you want to win now. So I'm wondering if they're trying to wheel and deal and find a different another player to use that draft capital on. Yeah, that's a great question because, I mean, talk about the beginning of last season and crystal dangerfield. Going from team to team, right? Remember that? It's just tough. It's hard to find your niche, especially as a guard in the league and which teams need what from you, right? So I think it's going to be a difficult meshing for her. But not impossible. So another thing to watch for as the season unfolds, but at the same time, you know, financially speaking, like what you said, what's that going to look like? And how will that be for her as well? But I think just player personnel wise. How does her skill set match what they want to do? And I don't know. That's the question of the day. And I think it just remains to be seen once the season begins, what it looks like. On paper, it's like, doesn't look like it feels like meshy. If that's the word, it doesn't feel messy, just on paper. But that doesn't mean wants to season begins and they actually are on the floor. That the chemistry piece surprises us or the chemistry piece is better than it looks on paper. Well, they should have good chemistry, frankly. I mean, they are adding the big the big piece they're adding is Natasha Howard, but you know, she's pretty easy to add, honestly. I would think it depends on what else happens. I assume trading Alicia gray means they're intent on locking up. Maybe in the cowan as well. Not entirely sure how much I love the Howard McAllen from court, but that's a tough defense to score on. And you put that around Enrique goomba wale. Players you can get down the lanes, especially how we're maybe. I think it's a really interesting dynamic and you saw two solid can be healthy. Now we're talking about team that can really compete in Dallas. And we'll see what happens with the draft hat, because that's what I'm saying. It's like, okay, we are here at this point with Dallas. You want to win, right? At some point you got to win. We got to start winning. Now, you made it to the playoffs last year, like take the next step. So I don't know if that draft capital that they got. I'm sure they'll try to keep some of it, but I think they're going to try to move some of it for a player, maybe you fall to the cracks or someone or some team unexpectedly signs. Player in their position that they got to move. So I think there's plans there for Dallas. And I think they're not quite done in free agency either. And I'm excited to see where they go, because that's agreed. That's a franchise that should be doing better with. But it's time, you know, I think it takes a minute just to get the pieces. It's about personnel. And not just that. It's about personnel and how well and how quickly they mesh together and how quickly they can have that chemistry and the synergy on both sides. On both sides, it's not every time you say chemistry you're thinking offense, you know, offensively. So defensive synergy, you have to consider as well. What kinds of things can you do defensively with the pieces that you have? You switch one to 5. Or can you only switch one to three? Can you switch? At all. I would hope. Wait, but that's the chemistry part of it, right? It's not just who can score. Like if you're in the WNBA or any league for that matter, it can you put the ball in the basket. I think is at the top of the list, but that's like a common denominator at this point. Right? Yeah. How well do you fit with the team that you're on defensively? Natasha cloud has the loudest work I've ever heard. She's working. I just heard the next step. So she fixed whatever to yell about. Good, good. Good. Sorry. But yeah, no, I think and hopefully they can mesh together. And like I said, I don't think it's that crazy to think that they will. Right. But now it's like also getting on Riga goomba walley shoulders to kind of be an MVP, but. She's so good. Face to face, like, you know, on the court. It's like she's very well defended and makes these incredibly tough shots. That's when you know you're in an elite level, right? When you see that happen, so yeah. You know, when you're at, but you could also be better at kicking out. Like, that's my other thing. It's like, get in the pain kick out, 'cause if she has shooters around her, it's gonna look and that's what she did that a lot last year before she got her at the end of the year. And so offensively four flash you. Good. That's good enough. If you're forcing offense, you're good enough. Right. 9th defensively can't be 19. The teams who made the playoffs were all good in defense. So you gotta be able to step up and be a better defense. Natasha, it helps in that regard, losing Alicia gray hurts in

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