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Be bomb then limited twenty release his coffee cinnamon barrel aged beat by beat oh this one line right all right so luke say it's not often were together buddy all right here's the friends wow that's pretty incredible it's amazing movie when you're in the league at a funny thing yes i would say nine six so specific the civic yeah what do you see a fourteen percent wow okay but the cinnamon and the chocolate you won't even notice snow the cinnamon in the coffee in the there's good thing franks not here fall down again i know some murder mystery yes like i said jennifer anniston quick watch yeah quick watch it was like i think our thirty seven or something you know in the the thing that i got out of it though is it hit all the points of netflix like we always talk about netflix aggregated status and i thinking the hits all the dads rate so in no particular order look we gotta play going overhead so in no particular order it has the french bumbling inspector like so right i speak car chase big boobs lots of money good looking people obviously murder the simple foreigners who like you know they they ask him a question and he's like the race car drivers don't like how were you and he's gonna finish line you know like the simple foreigner like it just it salva datum artists you know so i dunno it was i mean it was fun adam sandler was a little too annoying i think you know you realized movies since what fifty first dates fifty first dates is him in drew barrymore sure white right ever cincinnati original movies.

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