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Their center lane and a six minute drag. I'm sky Mike on the Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 hour traffic center from our Katya keep cool, But there is 24 hour weather center. We're looking at some sunshine for much of the day to day. Terry Smith. What else are we looking for? Oh, yeah, Lots of sunshine. He admittedly not a lot of rain That's kind of our weather theme for the week. 21st 10 chance of a shower Thunderstorms today tomorrow Thursday. 30% chance of rain for Friday and Saturday. So not a lot of right, But temperatures are not going to change. A lot will wind up in the low to mid nineties. Most places some places will reach the upper nineties. Even here in the city and Some of our northern suburbs, But you have to keep in mind. We're not just talking temperatures. We have Houston humidity and that is running high. So our heat index for much of this week will be around 105 or even higher. So if you do have plans outdoors Morning hours are better than the afternoon afternoon. Make sure you're getting water and breaks and all that good stuff will keep you posted. If a heat advisory goes into effect, which I would not be surprised to see it some point later in the week. Right now it is 80 to your official. Severe weather Station News Radio 7 40 k. T. R H Trending news is changing by the minute updates continue on Houston's morning news. This report is sponsored by l. M rants dot com. Ele, um, rent a boat construction equipment like nobody's business because it's our business. Our couple toe orange fleet includes compote, attractors loaders, excavators and skid steers short term long term Go orange, Gocha.

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