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Harry's the the shaving and grooming brand And andy when inter venture capital and and runs a very successful refund called elephant They're still on the board of or be parker and and we're still great friends and they still provide a lot inputting value But we were able to Kind of Ensure that no matter what the future outcomes would be that we had a framework with how to deal with it up front. Oh man that's awesome. I love that you guys really thought about this company. you know start to Because a lot of times as i care professionals i'll be up front Yes we all businesses but were not the best business people and that can really hurt a practice But if you are business savvy and there are a lot of time. she's that are that are business savvy. It can really help. Take your brand to the next level You know one thing. That i'm excited about or i was very excited about when worry. Parking at the scene is that you guys all about innovation You know and for me you know. I know there's some some re parker haters out. There is no doubt about it. I felt like you guys came in at a great time. Because he really made the eyecare industry connor reset and rethink how we actually do business and it really made us really look at i care and you know how we should present i care. I care wasn't sexy. You guys kind of made it a little more attractive in a little more sexy which is great because although you had a different way of doing it It brought more attention to people wanting to get glasses exams and things of that. Nature's well so. I can appreciate you know what you did to to shake up the industry But you know some people are big fans of innovation and i'm a big fan of innovation. I feel like we need that to be able to grow Let's talk about innovation a little bit. You mind talking about that..

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