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People are asked by strangers at the store. Never follow up. We got the one that said someone asked me where I got my buns. Then they texted later saying they had bakery buns in their cards. So you know what? It wasn't it? Come on, It takes a little bit. That makes sense. Stab. You ask the questions. So? So Melissa was asked where the vast lean was. We never asked you. Did you have gasoline in your card? Maybe that's why he would ask within us. Not at all. I don't There's no correlation whatsoever. That's what made it so strange. Slow, bizarre. Alright support guys, probably listening going on. I realize there's more sparkling. All right. We got to go to live to medicine here in a second, but first traffic and weather Okay. We are looking good. No incidents out on the roads Westbound 90 force at 17 from downtown the highway. 16 41 south on highway Q to the zoo. That'll be about 15 minutes. Looking good there, south on 43 brown your road to the market. That's at 12 7, then from downtown Layton Avenue. Once you get through the mark, editor change, and then on the bypass, heading South Bell to looking good five minutes between the zoo in the Hail while you're navigating the roads is quickly and safely as possible. If you see something you think we should know about give us a call in the WTMJ Hall. Mazda Milwaukee Com. Traffic Tip line at 414203 81 100. The traffic and weather together on the tens on Debbie Logica wtmj paella wi dot com Timetable traffic The snow is done and graft and saw the most about eight inches cloudy tonight with some blowing snow A love 20 for Wednesday cloudy, breezy and call the high of 24.

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