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Jim mattis says as he's encouraged by china's efforts to resolve the north korean nuclear issue from beijing npr's anthony kyun reports the remarks echo those of president trump speaking at a regional security conference in singapore managed praised chinese efforts to cooperate with the us and others on north korea but he assailed china's island building in this south china sea which he said shows china's disregard for international law it contaminant brother nation jim crace in its efforts to dismiss normally adversary oil revolution of you'd mattis was asked whether the us pullout from international agreements on climate change in trade threatened to undermine the the international order the us claims to be upholding madison plea replied that the trump administration has fresh approaches to these issues anthony kuhn npr news beijing afghan officials are still assessing the death toll from a series of blasted a funeral in the capital kabul several top government officials and afghan law makers were attending the ceremony including the country's chief executive abdullah abdullah he has since appeared on live tv saying three suicide bombers detonated their best as mourners were praying philippine president rodrigo to tear tastes says islamic state militants were not behind friday's casino attack in manila woah that left at least thirty seven people dead isis has claimed responsibility police say they still don't know the gunmen's identity and their releasing video footage for information this is npr troubles for brazil's embattled president michelle tam are deepening a close aide and friend was arrested today the latest in a corruption investigation the aided shown in a video released by police running out of a restaurant with more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars in cash prosecutor say it was a bribe japanese automaker toyota.

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