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So moved they should write a song called bubby for a long time about everybody who's ever who's ever tried to get her down. BG podcast you heard be four before by ginger root all right it's time for our weekly look back at the top five stories at the intersection of faith and culture. That happened this week. It's time for it's it's yeah and real quick. I want to tell you that this week's hatless is brought to you by our church leadership your ship podcast called called. We just launched season two. It's off to an incredible start. Listen if you are in church leadership if you ha- if you know someone in Church leadership or honestly if you just go to a church and want to have a greater perspective on what it takes to be an effective leader. This is an incredible podcast and we are are so fortunate to have so many interesting and diverse voices that are involved in different capacities of the church speaking into these episodes episodes and so just for kind of preview of what people are in for when they when they download called we've had episodes. We've had various Daniels on talking talking about protecting marriages in ministry. We've had John Mark homer on talking about soul care and the importance of you know mental health for people in Ministry. We've had banning Liebscher talk about the art of the sermon Kim Walker Smith Talking about worship in the church. Reverend and Samuel Rodriguez talking about ideas about. How can you effectively talk about politics from the pulpit? You know even the the most recent episode that is out now Beth Cunningham who runs one of the largest church Y largest children's ministries in the world for Church of the Highlands in Alabama Obama talks. About why the future of the Church really depends on people starting to care more about children's ministry. Most Christians came to their faith eighth when they were child and a large percentage of those who are led to Christ by someone at a children's ministry. So you know. The implications of some of these issues are huge not just for pastors not just for leaders match us for people who want to hear about church innovation for people like Bobby Green Wall or how the India Graham can make us better leaders by I you know with Beth mcchord issues that have to do with the individual leaders and the church we are covering it all. We just kicked off season to go check. Check it out if you are in church. Leadership are friends with someone who are and are looking for. Its each episode's under an hour and we try to really pack it out with a lot of interesting invoices in perspective. It is called called. You can get it wherever you get your podcast so there is onto the hot list. Tyler what do we got today man. Oh man number five this week Taylor. Swift disgust. Would maybe say even maybe dragged politicians who co opt spaeth and her new netflix documentary. So Taylor Swift. She is a singer. Songwriter.

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