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Three four is going to be Jones the run a barren result I'm just looking back at his his college statistics he played four years in college and carried the ball six hundred and fifty eight times in college yeah which is sort of like last night six hundred fifty yeah a lot of Kerry's Seahawks and Marshawn Lynch she's at a lot of Kerry's as in play in the year so and Robert Turbin as well reports say the Panthers interviewed Mike McCarthy for their head coach's job the ravens played the Steelers Sunday the Steelers have to have the game the ravens that they've clinched everything years John Harbaugh we're not play certain guys in this game will play Lamar I won't play our brain waves on play after that we'll still decide as the week goes on and as for a mark Ingram moderate to mild camp strained wouldn't have played this week regardless by would play for a couple weeks ago that they have the by coming up after week seventeen as well Zach urge fractured ribs in the win over the cowboys not sure for play against the giants this week stakes pretty are for the eagles when the game there and if he's champions Lleyton vendor as will play this week for the cowboys again at neck injury looks like he's gonna have minimally invasive surgery phase morning this summer yeah yes even if they make the playoffs giants eagles Sunday along with the jets and bill Sunday and the wizards beat the next one twenty one to one fifteen Bradley Beal had thirty Julius Randle had thirty five in the Los decision play a complete game remember we jumped on on that legal witnesses.

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