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Birth. Together as they go pro, does Kyle schwarber. Make the play Bobby dalbec made in the eighth inning, Sunday night at Tampa Bay? I do not think he does. I mean, Beck, is that a struggle at the plate? That is well documented and we know all know that he is pretty much hit or miss all or nothing at the plate. If you're talking Bobby dalbec but the play made it first base package on the chopper, the spinning cue ball, shot down to Rafi, Devers at third base and scooped that out of the dirt was very special playoff thought under pressure. Yeah. I mean, we don't know how long to get from for defensively. You know, he's a guy that came up as a catcher. Obviously, was there a little bit as a rookie it with the Cubs and since then, it's like ninety 9.5% of the time he's played left field so from you know, it's going to be maybe at times an adventure, but the point is to get his back in the lineup, we've seen with the Red Sox, first baseman have done all kinds of leave the season. Like you said, dalbec has been, you know, authors, And a couple hot weeks here, and they're pretty much in the slump All Year, Danny Santana and marwin Gonzalez. The guys, they try it out there have been uh, you know, abysmal as well. We've seen Frankie Cordero, come up and have a little success here and there and the last couple of weeks, but the Red Sox needed to fill, you know, they can't have a dead spot in their line-up every night. And so they they definitely feel that they come August 15th or wage war was back. I will no longer be an issue. Yeah, I'm just curious to see how Alex Cora who I think has always been very underrated for the way he manipulates his line up and and Thursday. It's the puzzle pieces in to make it a productive off, certainly a productive offense of line up and suddenly he I don't think he gets enough credit for his knowledge of the game and where to position people and put guys, in position on the field to do the best job, they can defensively and that and that really helps their pictures down. Yeah, we saw that in 2018, you know, when they were at their best, you know, on a daily basis it was you know, either holster Nunez a second either Pearson Moreland at first, you know, a lot of them are very solid defensively. You know, you look at a guy like Mitch Moreland, who is a gold glove candidate all the time. Steve Pearce was solid over there. He mix and match. And and you know the laundry for the Red Sox gave TJ Hernandez. So they could put in a defensive spot for me is going to be one of the best defenders on the field. So I think they're happy with that at times. Like I said, we don't know what's going to happen at first base before, but it's it's a risk. They're willing to take off the robe was roblez made his debut Sunday night at Tampa Bay. He's the right-hander they got at the deadline from twins for right-hander, Alex, sure. Who went to MIT backed off soda, minor-league picture, and then they also got left, handed picture, Austin, Davis from the Pirates. What do you think those two guys can contribute? I think, you know, if you're looking at from a Red Sox perspective, they're looking for interesting arms that weren't going to cost you much. I'm sure they had talks with the Cubs about Craig, Kimbrel. But you saw, what they had to give up Nick Madrigal, who was just on a second, baseman already was sitting like 3:20 and, you know, eighty five major league games and he's out for the rest of this year. But there's a guy who's under control forever as track record in Major League success. I mean, trying to think the Red Sox would have to give up, you know, for a guy like camera, it's a price. They weren't willing to pay so and Alex sheriff is a guy who's had success this year with a kind of a fringe Prospect and then Michael Chavis who obviously was just a change of scenery candidate. At this point of the struggles in the last two years, the Red Sox didn't give up anything that they thought would meaningfully fit into their plans for the next few years. And and exchange got, you know, two arms that are not the same thing, flashes arms out in the trade market. The two guys that they think. Okay, we can do something with the stuff or we can put them in position to succeed. You know. Robles has been around for a while. I think he has like six or seven Big League Seasons with a few different teams birth. Some success in Anaheim and is on, you know, is a rental guy in Davis, who is controlled for a few more years. They needed a lefty because, you know, they felt like with Josh Taylor and dogs and they didn't have enough left-handed depth, not the flashiest moves, obviously schwarber was the big move, but those are the types of guys that their rentals, they don't cost you much, you bring them into the bullpen see what they could do. It's just another of, you know the the the real cost is they lost Brandon Workman, who was pitching morals. So you know it's not it's not a big risk but there's potential payoffs went, you know, you get the red socks off other team like getting these guys in their Labs. Say okay, we have the video on this guy, we think that if we, you know, increase his change after usage, drop his arm and a little bit, then he'll become a stud for us in the bullpen, every team that smarter than the rest in that regard. And so, you know, we'll see if the Red Sox could do with these two, what's really important for us? I think too high and Bloom and Red Sox ownership, Sam Kennedy, and John Henry at all. That they didn't have to disrupt what they were trying to do with the farm system. That is rebuild it, right? I mean, build up the stock, don't dip into it just to make some rental moves here at the trade deadline in 2021 and make sure everything the key pieces are in place right to move forward and they accomplish that and they're still in great position to make some type of run off last two months, and then, you know, let the cards fall where they may and October. But but the important part of this is that they didn't disrupt the true. You know, Blue Chip prospects in their system that they're building a right? And although Ramirez who was the twenty year old picture that they gave up for schwarberg? He's a guy that had kind of risen up Prospect rankings this year but he if you look at it was not one of the top five or six pitching prospects in the system and that that's important, you know? And so I think, you know, you can give up a twenty-year-old that low, a was three or four steps before coming in the majors feel dead, A better about that than, you know, giving up a tent or house. Obviously, you're giving up a, you know, even a Brian model who's injured, either one of those moves. I think we both know. I think everybody knows who follows the Red Sox club that was never going to happen speaking with Chris Cotillo of MassLive and You can follow him on Twitter. You should be doing that. If you're a Red Sox fan and want the latest @chris p. L o all one word, a sports fans, BetOnline, the fastest, and easiest way to ban on all of your Sports Action, baseball season in full swing, of course, and you can track all of the action came down the final two months of the season. The pennant structure, if you will, at BetOnline, get all the latest news, odds, and info for all of your sporting needs. Including MLB NBA NHL. 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Yeah, it's it's been a project that I've been.

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