Rick Wright, Australia, NBA discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Are twenty feet to only about four feet of space of water to go in and we're talking about maybe a three to four foot storm surge there meteorologist Rick Wright moved turbulence on an Air Canada flight to Australia sent more than thirty people to the hospital passenger see some travelers were tossed into the air hitting the ceiling and luckily when we stop I was like oh thank goodness we ought to be stopped he landed in Hawaii Honolulu emergency services says the injured range from children to the elderly the NBA's Russell Westbrook Westbrook is going to the Houston Rockets ESPN reports the Oklahoma City thunder traded Westbrook for Chris Paul this is fox news since full lips for fun anybody and which is Tracy starting this Michael was you were listening to ground zero think about this you're contemplating the multiverse okay and and whether or not there has to be a common language between those of us in this universe and all the multiverse the other.

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