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End zone. He's got it. Touchdown. Bearcats. Alec pierce. If you can imagine a Michael Pittman and his contested catch kind of capability and Alec pierce now a deep threat backing defense is off a little bit of Jonathan Taylor. He might be even better this year. So who knows? Well, Chris, now you're right in our Wheelhouse here. I mean, you're talking to the wide receiver position and we have witnessed a massive re rating of the top, both in free agency. I'm talking to Monte Adams, Tyree kill, cop, AGB you name it, as well as the draft, right? I mean, we had a lot of wide receivers going the first round. And so my question for you is with all this money that's getting paid to the wide receiver position. What does this mean for teams for general managers looking to build a champion? Yeah, it has me calling my agent and asking, do I have any potential of a comeback at all? Whenever they're making $40 million a year now it's insane. But I think it is exactly where the league is going. And even more so this year because it hasn't been talked about a whole lot yet, but the league is going to really crack down on illegal contact penalties this year. And the reason is that scoring has been moving downwards. Just ever so little, but a little bit. And one of the great breakthroughs that happened as far as you can look historically that when scoring really started to take off is when they really put that illegal contact play in, bump and run coverage was lessening the scoring around the league. So now they're going to really crack down on it and they make no bones about it. They send out a memo the other day. The reason we're doing this is we want more points scored at the National Football League. So now with devonte moving on to the Raiders with tyreek going to Miami and we're starting to see this influx of incredible town. I mean, think about the guys that are in the game these days that 6 foot three lay 225 pounds and run four three 5 and all the insanity and you can't go up and play bump and run coverage against them. You're going to see some points scored and you're going to see the passing game be even bigger and more prevalent in what has been so far this year. So it's exciting times for the league and for wide receivers. So there's this need or this push to get higher scores in each of the games. Is that to generate excitement to make it more engaging for the viewer? How much of it is tied to the popularity, the growing popularity of sports betting? Well, like I always tell my kids if you don't know the answer to something and you answer money, you're going to be right 99 points. I don't know what the other one tenth of 1% might be. But yeah, all the above. And I don't think it's directly tied to gambling, but I think if you're gambling legally now, which we can all officially talk about at this point in time and certainly at TF athlete do a lot of talks about gambling and our new app that came out. So we're excited about that too. But yeah, I think that the overall excitement of the game and what differentiates it is are the skill positions, these great quarterbacks, the ability of the receivers to make incredible plays with these gloves that are made out of flypaper or something these days. I would have liked to have played one game with the plus sign, but that's a whole other story there. But yeah, I think that we're seeing now what the fans want, clearly, are more points, more great plays, more games that end like the Kansas City buffalo game last year where whoever took the field last was going to win the football game and move on in the playoffs. So yes, that's what sells. No question about it. It's what the fans want. I want to talk about you PFF app because I think you just kicked it off the year before last year when we talked to you. If I got the app right, how has it been going recently? We actually, we were working on it last year when we talked. And it has just kicked off and I'm probably going to get in trouble for doing this because this is supposed to be our soft launch where they make sure nothing breaks down and they make sure. So I'm going to come on your show and we'll have 10 million people going to check it out. Don't worry, I won't tell anybody, man. But yeah, it's just PFF and so now it's news, it's all the fantasy news and information you need, but more importantly, direct link to betting information and you can actually connect back to bed MGM and go

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