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Your people to judge four percent senator any club which are four percent the poll bilang research was done last Monday through Thursday of about a thousand adults and numbers could be off three and a half percent plus or minus Chuck Sivers and reporting we have an update now to a lawsuit involving two university of Connecticut students who face criminal charges for repeatedly shouting racial slurs outside an on campus residence the defendants say their speech is protected under the first amendment a federal judge has ruled that while their cases are in progress the pair cannot be kicked out of university housing the incident which occurred last fall has disturbed members of the UConn community it was definitely really crazy **** kinda shocked that people would do that the two students Jared Carow and Ryan because you were charged with ridiculing someone on account of creed religion color denomination nationality or race Jeff bees obeys does the world's richest man may have to blame a family member for an expose of photos and texts published in the national Enquirer right around the time of his divorce A. B. C.'s Marcy Gonzalez has more sources tell ABC news that federal prosecutors had evidence suggesting Jeff Basil's his girlfriend Lauren sent her brother those intimate Texan photos that eventually made their way into the national Enquirer sources confirming the Wall Street journal report this is Sanchez's brother Michael sold those images to the Inquirer for two hundred thousand dollars Michael Sanchez has denied any role in those leaks to the Enquirer this sixty second Grammy awards will air tonight on CBS with Alicia keys hosting nominees in some of the top categories include favorites like Billy I wish lists and little man as X. but this year's show is already controversial over allegations from suspended recording academy C. E. O. Debra Dugan that this year's song of the year nomination was manipulated to include a less deserving artist which the academy denies here is CBS is the fireman there is definitely a cloud hanging over tonight's Grammy show it all has to do with the recording academy which runs the Grammys it's in the midst of turmoil the head of the academy Deborah Dugan has been ousted accused of misconduct she is now making claims of sexual harassment and suggesting that some of the Grammy nominations or rigged Steve Futterman CBS news Los Angeles Boston based draftkings won't give a former bachelor contestant the one million dollar prize for winning an online fantasy football contest after she and her husband were accused of cheating the draft kings millionaire maker contest involved picking a line up of players from the N. F. L.'s four wild card games jade Roper told bear beat more than a hundred thousand entries to take the top prize but some in the fantasy sports community were quick to alleged coordinated with her husband Tanner told bear to submit more than the maximum one hundred fifty entries Roper told there was no longer listed as the winner yesterday a draftkings statement says the company decided to update the standings for several contests but did not elaborate a new report indicates the stronger economy has at least another year of steam in it A. B. C.'s Dave Packer report analysts for the latest national association for business economics business conditions survey but more bullish for the next twelve months and they've been previously expecting stronger growth says Holly Wade made director of research majority of them are still looking at growth between one to two percent but Wade says if you are saying between two to three percent of all sales in the fourth quarter were down sales expectations rebounded and that was really really good news with some analysts expecting price increases in the coming months Dave Packer ABC news.

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