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I am looking to see who's holding the longest that would be Joe you were on KOA NewsRadio. Hey, Mandy, excellent show. Good topic with these sites. What's going to happen? I don't I haven't heard anybody talk about this yet. What I think is going to happen is they're going to get somebody in who overdose. Multiple times one day where they bring him back. He's not gonna come back all the way, he's going to be disabled somehow, and you know, what you're gonna do. He's going to sue for millions of dollars. You know? And then I don't even know if that's possible though. I I'm not sure if what you're saying is it might be. I don't I don't want to dismiss it. Because I don't know. But I've never heard of someone who overdosed somehow. I guess if they were truly dead and a lost oxygen to their brain for a certain amount of time. But I don't think they administered in the lock zone in that case. I think you. Have to be, you know, just in the early stages of of OD ING, I I don't know that that's an interesting what if somebody slips and falls in there while they're completely high. You know, I think that's an interesting question about liability. That's a good question. Because you know, they're they'll they'll sue. And then, you know, a lot of people will be looking into why should this guy who is in a free shoot up place where he shooting drugs that are illegal anyway, get rewarded with a lawsuit. Because you know, what's going to happen is the activists lawyers will come out, and they'll try to get the city to saddle. You know, like this is what's going to. This is the type of stuff you're gonna bring the city's just going to turn into another San Francisco. This is a really really bad idea. And I don't see the guy. I was watching the show about the places up in Canada. And it's one of the addicts were saying he goes, well, you can't cure somebody if they're dead and they brought me back six times. We'll obviously you're not getting a cure. If you've overdosed six times. Already. They're not gonna care about that older. All it is just a place for them to go and shoot up and get high. It's a bad idea. I appreciate that sentiment greatly. You will be a better idea. What if we just started rounding up addicts like arresting them because you can't do drugs in the street, if they're sit there with paraffin you arrest him, and then instead of just putting him in jail put them into a holding cell where they are barraged for twenty four to forty eight hours with messages about treatment with images of people dead. I mean, really, you know, how they wanna put warnings on cigarette packs why not do that. I think there's a lot of outside the box thinking that we can do that doesn't include making it easier for someone to be an addict because it's never no one's ever had their lives made easier and say, hey, I gotta change everything. Now. It doesn't happen that way. It just doesn't, but we'll continue this conversation. And we're going to keep an eye on this because that is. That is going to be a big big deal when it happens. We'll see we shall see. But now it's time for the most exciting segment on the radio guy. Of the day. Brendan for has join me. Join me on your radio dial from left to right, Brandon krisztal grant, the intern and Laurie Lynn the intrepid producer asking the questions. What is our word of the day? Please Dave word of the day is a verb. Ratio. Sonate come on. You are a t I c I n e I would say, what's when you portion things out equally or I'm going to say, it's when you use a ratio to logically come to a conclusion.

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