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They are going fast. This show is gonna sell out. It's going to be awesome. It's our last show at the summer going to be a lot of fun and this summer, this August, you'll be experiencing some fun live episodes, but would you also you will get brand new, unheard of content on the patriot feed. We are doing recorded in studio for these people that refuse to listen the live. Serve. Including. Guessing on several upset, dude, fuck and hates live podcast recordings. You can't even believe it. So are you on Jason takes Manhattan. All right up. Yup. People wanted forever. We're also doing an animation damn nation on Rambo, the cartoon, which I just love it so much that cartoon addicted to Rambo dude. And it just happened by accident. We're doing a nexus that happens to I call it a month because it's it's give evil. The last tasha Yar episode. All right, but he day and then the space seed, which is the con- episode of Teo SO that's going to be a lot of fun podcasting, Steve, it's safe to say it's landmark podcast and not to mention the twilight drunk military, which just came out as well. Man, I'm still recovering, which is like the Boston tea party of podcast. Very good, Chris, Gavin. Yes. So that's it. Baltimore. We will see you on the eighteenth..

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