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Gambling problem called 109 Within 119 44 40 Hammerin Nigel all the Night weekend mash up. You give us a sense to me that the President of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 86, Rick Snyder, here on the Hammer Natural Show. Could you give us a sense of what? You know the the rank and file I m p D officers. How they feel about what's going on here. Well, kw there need support the theme music to the Twilight Zone. That's what feels like we're in the twilight zone there looking on and each other saying way here this correctly and again, remember, But the officers are saying No, we don't want civilians and they welcome it. But to have somebody say we're going to have a a takeover of the police department. Take our police cheat him of his authority. And then you and then write policy with a lack of experience and knowledge. And then say, now, chief, you're responsible for following through on this policies in carrying it out, Uh, keep a police Randy Taylor even made clear last night to the council. He welcomes civilian involvement, but he thinks we're moving too fast. Slow this down an address some of these concerns yet they basically said, Thank you very much. Have a seat. More moving forward on I'm going to tell you guys, this is very important to me. I represent officers from a walks over life. Right way we come together out of many one And provide police service to the community that we serve a very diverse community. But it concerns me when we have elected politicians that are proactively taking steps to strip the authority away from another black law enforcement executives of a major city in our country. We're watching in the corner all over the nation. Seattle we saw black law enforcement executives stepped down Dallas, Texas, Itjust occurred largesse, sir in New York. It occurred and it's a growing and many other communities. We cannot have. That happened. And yet we have politicians that are injecting politics into policing. And this is exactly what happens. Which is why I've always said we can't allow that to happen, Folks. He can't have folks who haven't swarm and oath to the Constitution and then had a career in law enforcement dictating policy. Now we welcome citizens to come to the table and say, Hey, did you think of this and we say, You know what? We didn't? That's great insight. I even said last night to the council. This would be a great time to create an advisory board of civilians to provide additional perspective to us in our policy making decision, but no way in any other organization or profession. Do they just simply hand that over? Surgeons don't say here. Patients dictate to me how it is that I'm supposed to do the surgery. I want your input, but they don't do that. You know, Interestingly, not this council They don't get civilian involvement and things like their ethics. So they've been ethics board that we use a points on counselors. Do you know how many civilians sits on the ethics committee? Way? We have counselors, Policing Councilors Council passed judgment on other counselors. There done an executive session and a private setting. They don't accept any anonymous complaint. And they have a very limited conference in which a complaint can be lodged against an elected official. When I say Hey, maybe we should mirror some of these things for our elected officials. Do you know what they tell me? We can't do that. People could have political motivations and complaints against us on Molino, Kitty. Unbelievable. America this to me, and maybe I'm alone here. This is a way for the Indy City County Council to defund the police without coming out and saying the fund the police and I hope that I'm wrong here I really do. But I can see officers leaving. I can see the numbers going down, which means the money goes down. And this is what they used to set their budgets with this to me, reeks off some back alley. Way of defunding the police. What do you think? Well, I would like to tell you there's no way I mean, counselors last night, said publicly. We're not doing that. That's not what we're talking about. Yeah, When they launched this proposal, they held a very public press conference and ah gentlemen, step forward and say this doesn't go far enough. We need to do more and we need to defund the police. He was adamant about it. We had a party line vote last night, All the Democrats voted. Yes, all the Republicans voted No, who was the person calling to the fund, The police and the press conference on this proposal? I'm told it's the number two in charge of the local Democratic Party. What are we doing on yet? While politicians kept these things around and keep kinda lever to dent agendas for politics, power Way we have our community going, Kyle, a wave of violence that the lights of which we have never seen in the history of our cities, and you know how it affects the most marginalized folks in our community. This predominantly the poor, predominantly folks of color. We've got a lot of homicides in our city are African American victims, and you tell me you care about them. Don't even talk about What's going in our city. He won't share apartment on how to combat that. So no action. No press conferences on that yet you will do this. And in doing that call for funding. The police, you know, proposes that the most The stone marginalized folks who need it the most, and they're begging us. Please do not go with what we see in city after city, a mass exodus of officers when politicians start injecting their politics into the police, another study Rick last thing before we have to go here again. Rick Snyder is the President. Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 86. It's my understanding that if everything is supposed to work correctly, the mayor is the civilian that oversees the police department. He's the one that oversees the chief and the chief overseas. The department. What's wrong with that? Well, he made it very clear when he ran for mayor that he would be the public safety director. We used to have a position that was between the mayor and the police department with the intent of being too Politics. He came in and said, I'm eliminating that position on the director of public safety and the buck stops with me. Yet last night, he intimated that he will support this proposal that actually advocates the police Department away from them at a time when there's a lot of questions about who has been making the decisions related to this soldier violence in our city to the riots in the corridor downtown. To the economic impact that we're seeing throughout the city. And yet we're going to end up with an outcome that allows politicians to point fingers at one. Another follows the line of accountability since, but we've got a civilian involvement of which the residents don't even know who they are directing the power. He's the investigations and the way we do arrest from the city of Indianapolis. It is the twilight..

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