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Want to get your take on melo was it wasn't worth it raynham here we think of the talent they gave up for him chandler and gala narrow gallup gallon aryan mas gov with was that was he pointed an ifor lost track at this point but was it worth it i say no because think about it if melo hadn't been i don't know what maybe the next door it's like nobody does the right thing he was going to be an unrestricted free agent just wait and just sign of an atom the what you have all these teams making these moves that you have a really good team and it kissed didn't get far enough so you want to add some by you want to atas superstar to take it to the next level and what happens you get the superstar now dozen fit with would put the money so you start getting rid of pieces of the team which was very important to get you hutu where you were sometimes the dnc edge superstar you take away to grunts and they take a step back i don't see where melo houston makes them any any better because paul is these i was still say he's in his prime as long as he's healthy hardens in his prime melo is my my question is if you want guys to shoot in seven seconds can now get up the flow of an and be part of that offense you know you think of what dan tweeted last year you take it would d'antoni did in fees now we did in the lakers not we did with the knicks and i remember jason kidd saying when he came to new york you guys gonna love d'antoni because he got a great basketball mine he's got a great concept of of speeding up the game and i'm wondering if the game going to be too fast for mellow but the question for you guys was melo worth it to all the nonsense of phil because these the disaster mm me phil was a champion i mean mela was a champion compared to fill in the way phil active fill was a child but now i want to find out de mello was worth all trouble for the last couple of years eight seven seven three two seven sixty six sixty six pages van take a break right back which goals every year over a million fires burn in america fortunately firefighters are on the job saving life and property and.

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