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Then he had an okay year. Then he was injured. Then he was traded to a team that had literally passes the ball resigned or young free agents. What did I say traded? Oh, okay. Apologies now he joins a team, a new Team, New quarterback, often injury. There's just a lot of question marks. I think people are are hesitant because the range of outcomes on Robinson are everywhere from, okay, he's he's back. He's great. But how great all the way, too. He's hesitant off the injury. They have other weapons. They're not gonna use them as much as targets down. I think that's the hesitancy. It will just haven't seen anything. Yeah, in Chicago yet. So there's, you know, you've seen everything you need to see about golden Tate. You know exactly what you're getting if he's being drafted around all Robinson. And I think. That's why people are delaying. Yeah, I and I understand that. But at the top of the fifth round or the end of the fourth round, I, I think that's a spectacular pick. It was a couple years ago, but it was fourteen hundred yards and fourteen touchdowns if a in that that was with the bad version of Blake Bortles before he became st- Blake the snake. So this season I got a snake me was paid to be the wide receiver. One. He is the wide receiver one for this team. A head coach from the Andy Reid tree were that I think will have significant improvement to the offense. Allen Robinson. I don't think people should be scared to draft him where he is going not going to reach for him, but where he is going, don't be afraid to draft where where he's going. I would completely agree with that. I mean you, you mentioned the names juju Josh, Gordon, golden tape. Brandin cooks Jarvis Landry. Now, one of those guys is walked and loaded into the wide receiver. One position there's not one of those are just named, you know, is going to be the one for their team, whereas Allen Robinson, you can be sure of that. Fair enough. All right. We are going to extend this podcast just a little bit longer. We had the chance to well, Jason had the chance to talk to cardinals rookie wide receiver, Christian Kirk couple of weeks going and share that interview with you right now. You talking to me. Person. So true story coming into the NFL draft. We pre rank, you know, we're, we're, we're analysts. We analyze every year my number two wide receiver. Apologies number one, but you're, you're still my number two going into the draft. Josh Rosen was my number two kind of tied with Sam darnold. We're from Arizona and I was he couldn't help through the draft when the pair came together. How has it been like working with Rosen so far? Is their chemistry coming there or you work more with Bradford Whitman, where are where have you been working so far in the offseason really good, and we've been able to take a lot of snap together. Josh's would take taken a lot of reps and you know, we've had a previous relationship, so we kind of just kind of picked up, you know where we left off from at least in high school and whatnot. So we've been working out a lot in LA me, Josh have in the off season, but also to throw Chisholm minicamp whenever to get a lot of Rosa Sam and you know, I think that's going to pick up throughout the. Throughout training camp. So I'm excited to just keep going in developing with those guys and get ready for the season. Now you also have a previous relationship with Ricky seals Jones that, correct. So how how's he's kind of one of those sleeper guys for fantasy showed a lot in a few games last year he's, does he look more involved in the offense this year? Is there any insight there? Yeah, I, I definitely think he's going to have a breakout year. Think a lot of people were able to see what he's able to do last season. He shows signs and some games last year, and I think he's only just going to go up from there and then coach McCoy's going to really utilize them because he's a mismatch, you know, not a lot of DB's can cover them, and then it's too fast for some linebacker..

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