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Up all right. We are back with a man cool. We're gonna talk about. The hunter biden gun incident as i would like to remind all of the all of our midnight. Patriots nation fans. I'm sure that you probably already know. Amanda has the highest level of credibility on the show. So what she's gonna tell us. It is probably chiseled in stone somewhere. Amanda good what's what's going on with back okay. Well i'm using bits and pieces from there's a couple a couple news articles in some of them. I think are fairly fairly the jet okay. So the daily wire the politico in so you're getting pieces from from all of them and just different different sections of it sure. So so there's let's set the scene. We know we all know that hundred biden was released from the military because he had an issue with drugs had been discharged from the navy reserve for testing positive for cocaine and that he and his family have all talked about his history of drug use and most of us have seen quasi. I sort of semi hunter biden naked pictures with a crack pipe. Maybe yes right. Yeah something something okay. There's enough to say. Set the scene to say you know. There's a little smoke here. There's a little smoke here. There's the fact that the navy e right. I was gonna say there's enough smoke to establish the high probability the high probability of okay so so now you take that and you visualize the fact that when you go to buy a gun you fill out four four seven three four four seven three form. There is a question that says. Are you an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana any depressant any stimulant any narcotic drug or other controlled substance so well. That's me right there. I just to me okay. Don't get me wrong. And i know exactly what you're talking about. I always thought that question was beyond stupid. So why don't you just confess to a felony right now go ahead and then science so but if you say no you're not right then you get the gun but you have lied on the form. That is a felony that carries a ten year prison sentence and a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar fine so so he said no. He is not habitual arms for drug user on the form right in october of twenty eighteen. That's the start of this but nobody really knew it right. Nobody knew about it. He got this gun and he goes home with it to the house where he's living with his brother's wife. What a wonderful i got. So so he and his dead brother's wife and so she finds the gun..

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