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Uh so will the apple event be held at the new apple park we've been talking with that i wanna go i'd love it to be unloaded on when italy enjoy i don't know if they're ready for us yet live underground and think well there's new drone footage us this came out after our show last week the latest 4 k apple drone tour and let's see if we can see how many admirers the older drone put asia and when it was barely assembled a now looking at it now it's almost done i mean the the landscaping his almost done you could see how it really is beautiful they call it apple park in it's starting to look more and more park like that by the way is the steve jobs theater were looking at in the distance and i think it's conceivable that this could be ready to go in a week or two that's the road leading to it the curvy road there right and while they're still stuff you know happening it it looks it's driveable subtle painted particularly if if the if invitation says your we're going to reconnoitre at a ramada inn parking lot august un as san jose an an and bus when there yeah bring your heart but i'm not sure that if they want to deal with him about this vets that something's going to have to be the first event of the up at the new apple campus is going to happen eventually why had i'm sure they wanted to do it for the tenth anniversary iphone i mean what did you see well pelmet the but also is this the copy that would want you to drive past a drive on a road that it hasn't been at it hasn't been landscape has been finished that looks like it's still got some planting to do that still has you can see that you can look across the campus stals see employee's beating their heads against their desk 'cause they miss their cubicles they don't like being in oakland in view of everybody.

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