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Come like how is that going to end again didn't know you get there and then you're like, okay it's done is done to a state where I'm going to set it aside. And then when I come back like you said the emotional attachment is not quite as great much more objective and you're one step closer to a big fish product because now you can edit those pages because words are on them. You have something that you can start polishing. Yes, and I know I've I was like a lot of people I didn't want to cut things out like oh, I love that scene. But when I got objective, I'm like, yeah, that doesn't work. It doesn't fit could be better. I held onto it and I ended up putting it somewhere else and it worked much better elsewhere. So you can recycle this stuff and I wrote down for a mastermind group. I mean, I wrote a short story for that and I liked the short story, but I didn't know what I wanted to do with it. So I took the premise of the short story changed it a little bit to fit into a fantasy characters world and I wrote a short the same type of short story with the characters from that world and recycled it that way. So it's it's a matter of letting go off thinking it's golden words and you know what's best for the story itself. And again, you have to get the experience to even feel that cuz a year ago, I wouldn't have even understood what that meant dead. As much as I do now, right, right and I think I think too the more you write the more you understand what you need to keep and what you really do just have to come down. There was a decent amount of cutting I did on adventures when I wrote it and there were certain things in like I really don't want to get rid of this that it really does not make sense in an order. I was just kind of say, you know, tightening and polishing and making sure that the pacing is good. It's something to look at and the pacing really for new writers is about making sure that your story holds the reader's attention and gives just that balance of right amount of detail with right amount of movement and that's something that I still work with but I recognize it now a lot more and it just comes with experience and also saying know what I probably just need to highlight those five hundred words and hit delete because they need to go. Yeah. I've done that so much more lately and Thursday. Stories have felt so much better to me for being able to do that. And now it's a lot easier. I'm not as afraid to cut words cuz I can just write more often is not a limited supply of words. Exactly. I think we also learn as we go along what's important to the story what's important to the reader? Maybe we don't use it. Like you said in this story We tweak it and we use it off or else as an idea. And again, that's right part of writing and allowing yourself to say, there's no one right way to do this. Sometimes I'll just throw things in a Word document be like, I don't want to forget that but I can't use that here and then just save it the point you just went over. Do you have that as a document on your website that people could get to you know, I don't would it be helpful for me to understand that as a document to you to include in your podcast or yeah, that would be great. I'm sure people would love that. Okay, I will absolutely do that. So to finish things up. Do you have any last minute advice for new Authors other than all that you've already given us? I would say to just not get overwhelmed. Don't worry about the whole I need to do this website thing..

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