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Up Troy Lampton decline towns and all these guys ranked ranked number one number two number three in the state number. Whatever top ten in the Mid West and I'm like what the hell is it is Jim? There's no facebook page. There's no there's nothing that POPs up on Google maps. There's you can't go with that place like there's nothing and something. Was this really intriguing to me about that play. Sure enough I I got it. I'm sure Lampson on facebook. I sent him a message and to this day I would screen shot saving my phone and it's in my in my favorites folder. And it's it's the day that I asked the Mike Golic. Can I come through. Check it out. He said Yeah. If you come through and worked out you know we'll see where it goes and ended up just playing so it way better than I could could have ever imagined Yemen. I mean that's quite the story and it's a story that I think is very unique to combat sportsman like a lot of people. Don't understand understand that coach Student or teammate relationship quite the way you do in fighting with that being said man you're talking about coming from tough beginnings and things like that but I also know that you've got to do a lot of training You know when some of the cool spots I know that you're real cool past guests to the show cody stayman. I know that you train a little bit with the Kennedy Cross as well Tell me about you know like what's it like for you getting. Go out to places like Vegas in go train and Pi and things like that even if you're not doing camps and stuff they're like what does that do for you to You know what does that do for you to get that different. Look in training and in one of the best facilities in America Honor three one of those things things. Where when I honestly when when I hopped into this I didn't really think I didn't know how it was going to play out? You know I knew that I was talking with the best team and I really had to work my way up and I didn't get any type of attention on acknowledged my gym. I started to work my way up little by little but I was lucky enough to have guys like Troy Lampson really took me under my wing because they knew that I was there to work. I wasn't there just to you. Know Take Part I was there I was. Is.

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