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Gray. Isn't it amazing. Though how much bolder they've become on the on the vaccine thing if if you know it's gone from just being a really good idea and we'd really like to see do this and it's really going to help to. I'm sorry you can't. You can't go to work you can't go to school. You can't go to the grocery store right if you're unvaccinated right. They the jerry. And like i said they're following suit Google is They paused their comeback. To work time to mid october and that gives everybody time to be fully vaccinated going back to work and we want you fully vaccinated fully vaccinated apple fully vaccinated when they come to the or you. Don't come back to correct. Net flicks is requiring all their shows and actors. Anything that they do must be fully vaccinated. So everybody on any net. Netflix show netflix original netflix. Original series has workers all the actors. Everything fully vaccinated. Well and we heard from. I mean geraldo another one. That's on board with don lemon That you know he had another big meltdown that he talked about on the on. The unvaccinated should be banned from restaurants businesses colleges. Everything is in terms of the mandatory. Dexia is jeff craig. I don't know greg a to say that the demonization of the unvaccinated it's not appropriate. You have to understand that if you're unvaccinated then you should at least get tested every week on your own or be understand why you are banned from the va. What you were banned from restaurants while you aband- from other businesses and colleges increasingly and they should be because it selfish if you're unvaccinated and you're going around with without being tested now you're an arrogant selfish as proof of that do you. You're asking for proof from jessie. What's your people are wandering around. Willy nilly spreading the disease. You sound like you don't have any evidence. No evidence that unvaccinated people. I have his want evidence. Ninety nine percent of the people sick in the hospitals in los angeles county of kobe were unvaccinated over pro. Compromise in can't get that day robert. I copped to that tiny fraction of words at all right twenty five percent of the people getting this disease right now in los angeles are fully vaccinated. Twenty five percent. Where are you getting..

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