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Did you sleep how does how did your family get through this uh no one no one the fat part about it you go to the police in october click what's happening they think it the made story because even they think it's an comparable right how can from buddy do this how can a buddy do this on this level and or you know because i'm making the film free to the public if thinking why would somebody do this to you if they're absolutely free so that that became the case but what they told me to do get it what evidence can and that we can puke we can put together a case so that all up and go into the building evidence and like a bit if you here what's happening in go home it completely amazing can to come one can be in your home while you're in iraq in your home and you will you don't know it they have the ability could be in any any any other room in they know where you are in the house so when you start curcumin a room with a gun federal aren't you won't find anything because they're are always a step ahead of invitations went through seven are excellent i've i've watched them many many times in in sequence in order but does this make invitation number eight the most important film which you've ever may because of the struggle you have to go i mean it this no more it was like humping on a movie i mean it was ill you ever see the movie where the guy trying to get away and the government after an ages graf permanent croker after it was exactly like that it would go hardest movie to get me because uh i couldn't even put it up on on give it away for free because every movie that i created on my on my computer they would deleted or they would deal it.

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