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Welcome in our number three of the program i am sean pendergast good to be with you on a super bowl sunday i really appreciate your viewers tuned into the show i understand my place in the universe it is the biggest sporting event our culture has all year long happen to be doing a radio show lots going on so i attempt to supplemented by providing gambling information and other thoughts and takes about what's going on in the game my take right now is vague doug peterson aid scared while doug peterson coach illegals here this has been a fascinating game in terms of the the all the things that these two coaches have in their bags of tricks that they've clearly been waiting till this came to pull out like these to coaches came ready to just just completely empty the chamber in this game the eagles just scored a touchdown to go off fifteen twelve or i'm sorry to go up twenty one twelve there were up fifteen twelve and they they went ford on fourth down the fourth and go from about the one and a half yard line and this time a kick the extrapoint in its good each kicker has missed an extra point in this game there's there's thirty four seconds left in the half and at some point during this segment will kind of just sort of assess the walls gone on in this game that's been so weird so far but doug peterson does not coach scared i don't know if that's going to be his undoing in this game but it's got him up by ten and on the play on fourth down nick falls nick fools starts walking up behind hit.

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