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Summer. We made it four hours away from home before she was convinced she left the oven on not leaving anyone else with access to the house. She convinced my unwilling father to turn around and head back twenty miles from the house. We had a blowout. We got home just before sunset to find an oven that was off and a father's. Will that was broken. I still have not been to disney curled the coda but according to jason you should feel blessed. Yeah that sounds better than ever in a really short one that i want to throw in here from the delightfully named rich homie dawn on twitter <hes> the included a photo of the van and questioned because twitter is a <hes> an audio medium podcast is a visual medium but just believe me that it lives up to it. It kind of looks like the brave little toaster dad tried to take are two thousand and three chevy astro conversion ran off roading on a beach to get to a lighthouse only accessible from the meaning he let the air out of the tires for traction my god oh watching a lot of nash car and we made it surprisingly far but that just made it more difficult for the tow truck to get to my god my god you know that's an example of being just competent enough to get yourself in trouble this is this is the perfect place for that patrick ewing name from basketball season the have you ever tried that shop before the shopping for i did something really cool to only make things worse stupid. I feel like this is where i usually run into trouble. A offer one that i think is football related. Please please <hes> from from auburn. Neely whose handle is underscored silver britches all right so this is the guy this is this the silver britches who who was a railroad home on fine inhumane to the cocktail party and had the worst time of his life. Oh the cocktail party which city is that in jacksonville will buddy. We're going back aubrey bless. You friend cracked his head on a palm tree. Planter in jacksonville happens was convinced he could stop the bleeding by taking a cold shower sure wait now where james only after i touched his skull with my finger did he yar spencer your dentist which is like another doctor. Is that true totally. True skulls just a brain tooth listen. I think eh let me let me stay in florida from twitter user aaron raden. This was a conversation between three different twitter users so erin was in the middle of telling us a buddy of mine got a saltwater catfish tossed added by his father and it lodged in his forearm by the venomous barbed. I spent a good chunk of his beach vacation. A hospital then a second user chimes in and says the same thing happened to my younger brother in panama city on a youth retreat a friend through a catfish adam and it got stuck in his chest lord boorda's third twitter user saying i was enjoying an evening stroll on the beach with my wife's family and somehow how ended up kicking a dead catfish on the beach that lodged itself into my foot. My wife's sister's boyfriend had the tug it out and it didn't take contrived now back to eran who says yeah they couldn't pull it out by hand so big. Youth pastor had to cut the bar with wire cutters so we didn't have to ride the e._r. With the ted catfish got pulled over the cops would be like we've seen this before. Catfish nature spike strip this is this is a television show catfish that i would watch yeah. That's true what it is yeah. I i have one from user at jack byrom. It's more of a visual to put in your head a scenario if you will. I think this is a video game somebody he needs to sell it. Gimme gimme the elevator pitch for home alone mine spencer. It's it's a contemporary story about the surveilled parents..

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