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Other speakers tonight include Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Democrats still upset over reforms by the Postal Service, even though the postmaster general is postponing them until after the election. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she spoke with Postmaster General Lewis to joy Wednesday morning and told him that his announcement to suspend reforms that the Postal Service was quote not a solution and misleading. In a statement, Pelosi said to Joy admitted that he has no intention of replacing sorting machines and mailboxes that have been removed. And alleged that the Postal Service has no plan for re instituting worker over time to address mail delivery slowdowns. Democrats continued to draw connections between postal Service changes and President Trump's opposition to expanding vote by mail efforts. Adam Kelsey ABC NEWS Washington Wall Street, ending the day on a sour note The Down down 80 for NASDAQ Down 60 for S and P 500 down 14 Remember for news any time on demand it 700 wlw dot com I'm Matt Reese News radio 700 wlw. On demand I heart radio online on your smartphone, iPad and tablet 700 wlw dot com. Billy coming in the great American Red stubble headed for today. Guess what it's not happening. It's not yet been released Direct Tony Bender as Faras, which Reds player was infected. There is a schedule tomorrow and Wednesday for the Red Sea play in Kansas City. We'll see what happens there, but more importantly, Cincinnati is now in the headlines across America and in Europe about the violence in Cincinnati, similar to what happened in Chicago. Portland, Seattle, Cincinnati, 18 shot at least four dead. And then follow up yesterday, three more shots. And we had on Tony Benn Ear's good friend, P G. Sittenfeld this morning who talked about Bill Goodman's gonna knife show that somehow universal background checks will solve the problem. But more importantly, Was a movement from the radical left in Cincinnati to reimagine the police. I eat to fund the police. And believe it or not, it's going to be on the ballot in November, not a new Richmond. Not in Montgomery, not an independence, not in Taylor Mail, not in Middletown, but in the city of Cincinnati. City. Cincinnati's on Lee will vote on whether to defund the police disarmed the police and change the district system around City Council. You see those who put this on the revolutionaries, the insurrectionist the riders, The protesters got enough signatures. Peggy Sittenfeld Seelbach are not liberal enough for them. They're going farther left in that. Joining us now is the vice mayor of our good city. Chris Smitherman and Chris Smitherman. Welcome again to the Bill Cunningham showing Chris How are you? I'm doing well, Willy. Thanks for having me on Nasty over the weekend. But let's talk first about this effort. Of course, I'd like to think I know everything. And I was told by friends of mine outside the Kroger store in Central Park away that thousands of signatures had been gathered to reimagine the police, which is the disarm the police and to cut their funding by a chunk of money. And I said, Well, not probably won't get on the ballot. I talked to a member of the Board of Elections who told me last night that that will be on the ballot in November and the only ones getting to vote on the city. Cincinnati can you generally explained because the particulars of being worked out? What's going to be on the ballot in November. For those who live in the city. People like you to vote on to take away the police Department of the city, Cincinnati. Well, I'm one of those members of counsel and I believe that I Work hard to exercise common sense. And, um, the night Police department since 2000 won has gone under Tremendous change and community policing is a way of life in the city of Cincinnati, So we're not talking about Minneapolis. We're not talking about Portland. We're not talking about Chicago. We're talking about Cincinnati, and you're right. Citizens have collected enough signatures. Is what the board of elections believes. Which they have the right to do, Teo to disarm our police department. And on top of that, to defund them define according these principles, the principles are refocus, restructure, retool, reinvest and rebuild that all sounds great. It's like just the opposite of what it does. So what they want to do is take away the ability of police the police and disarmed. The police and people are going to vote on this. My colleagues are counsel and you have names, some of them in your intro. I do not know how much they harm the morale in the police department when they engage in some specific language, but let's go through some facts. 328 people Year to date, Willie have been shocked in the city of Cincinnati. And 66 murdered. 70 shot Americans shot in Cincinnati, not Chicago in the last 28 days. And in the last 90 days, 174 people are shot. We have two people being shot per day. In the city of Cincinnati. These are these are the reality of the numbers. And so when you have my colleagues That are using this language. Whether it's rien imagination of a police department or whether it whether it is that they believe that our police department in some way needs TTO have some reform. That doesn't allow them to go after really bad criminals. I want you and your listening audience to know that you and I are discussing people who pick up guns and kill people. And the majority of those people in Cincinnati who are being shot and who are shooting that we're talking about our African American men. What is over the top? And my colleagues have spent the last 90 days. Correct me if I'm wrong, talking about how they can fund the Streak Hall and how they can make the streetcar three. And so I want to say for 328 people shot when a month ago are too I mean, a week ago, when I had long public safety 300 people were shot. And counsel was still talking about Shaker on the streetcar class. People shot they're waking up to say, You know what public There's something going on in Cincinnati that we need to look at. Well, that's that's what's so alarming to me, Willie Cunningham. Here's the It's not a black issue or wide issue because I've often made the statement that in the city, Cincinnati, there's 45% residents are black folks, and that's approximately 140,000 African Americans 1400 out of 140,000 are causing the problem is not 140,000. It's the 1400 the gangbangers. The retribution ist those that don't get an education. Those who don't want to work those who loot burned. That's a very small percentage. Subset of the African American community. Everyone shot I think this weekend and killed were African American, which is typical. The Enquirer about 10 years ago ran a front page story of every person shot and killed in the city, Cincinnati 1% were black. And so what we have is a subset of African Americans who generally don't work. No fathers in the home. They have no job, no education. They live out the rap culture and retribution and revenge..

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