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Indeed come from a poor regions and they did so because he was promising change. How do you think this will change. The political dynamics and the way that peru is led. Because am i right in thinking that. This is that he's custody has been called the first peasant president of peru because everybody who has gone before him has become has been either professional from the military or economic elites. This is a huge political sea-change for the identity of prove isn't it. It is is it is a it marks acute change yes particularly given who he is who he comes it worked. He comes from and given primarily what he intends to do or at least so far has said he he he he will do. And and i would say that that is the primer that the main difference ocasio so far has moderated himself somewhat from a very radical leftist platform. He ran on initially. But i would say that steel he will probably stick to a leftist policy course and that is primarily. What will mark a huge difference in contrast with with past administrations particularly with with a way that that the government has been handled since the nineties. Let's talk about The woman he has beaten kicker for jim moret she's a former congresswoman. It was has third attempt at running for president and she put up an incredible fight. I mean this was a month long battle of claims of fraud and an intellectual misdeeds. What has happened to her now. Well a that the fact that fujimori run for president or that gusty. Theo faced fakih mode in the runoff west. Certainly one of the factors that contributed to his victory for commodity remains extremely controversial in not only because of the legacy of his father. A i'd rather Who we see in jail for for human rights abuses and corruption but also because of her own role and that the party in the political turmoil that followed her defeating. Two thousand sixteen Cheeky in in the in the meantime the political establishment and intrudes her have been involved in in in corruption investigations. Prosecutors charge for commodity with money laundering in march following an investigation if for allegedly receiving electoral found say from promoted for analysis for procedural campaign. They cut requested a preseason for for her. A and several other politicians on former presidents are also under investigation for some some some form of wrongdoing. So she will. She will still need to face justice and of coast the fact that she is not president means any kind of immunity is lifted. Well if she would have been elected president than than than she needs a benefit she will benefit that for that in this case it will need to to face a trial to finally. How long do we think custody is going to last while website. That's a very good question. And quite tricky gusty your is going to lack a majority in an extremely fragmented congress. He's going to face also significant opposition. A from a segment of the policy of the population politicians say segment of the business elite. A because of the allegations of fraud a i would say that that segment of the population is going to feel that. His presidency is the result of of rail. Larry these and and that complicates the outlook for governability in peru. A dot on top of that policy part that he would choose a and that means if he goes to radical if he goes to moderate so we shouldn't be bryce if if because of the policy choices or because of any corruption scandal that that could emerge a we see some efforts in congress to also castio before he finishes his term. Which is you in two thousand. Twenty six mary-louise. Louisa pushed thank you so much for joining us on monocle. Twenty four still to come on. Today's globalist the eu highlights the worst offending nations..

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