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The rush is on to avoid a government shutdown this weekend the house could vote today on a measure that would keep the government open for another month i just spoke with democrat marianne martian republican gene heart again of the wbz virtual political roundtable mayor an says avoiding a shutdown is going to be tough hillock leptin went likely by the minute and the fact that berry americans are being held hostage as we go along to try to get a deal done tells you everything but here the fact the republican control the house the tenet and the white house they can path or not anything they want without one democratic votes fill if the government does shut down this is all on the republicans and you can already see that in the post i think conservative republicans who have been fighting the shortterm measure and don't want to do it again uh will be brought to the table and will hold the nose and vote ford is certainly about the best way to run government but they know if they doled and there is a shutdown as marion says the republicans control all three right now the house to in the white house and they have to house bill or they will get the blame gene hard again in marianne marsh from the wbz virtual political roundtable well the next british royal baby isn't do till september but as already making headlines cbs's pam coulter says people will bet on anything british gamblers are betting on another british princess when the duchess of cambridge gives birth in a few months the british bookmaker ladbroke says 'royal fans have been betting that prince william and his wife cave we'll have another girl some thing kate wearing a pink coat was a hint to the baby's gender she wore the code twice when she was pregnant.

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