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And try to get w in about thirty seconds or less how do you see this unfolding tonight i'm nervous in aaron rodgers good tough guy to be three times in a row we got to close one during the season last year by one point and you've hammer on and the nfc championship game they try to reload and retool on defense uh if matt ryan and they are and they frame and having calmly can get that run game going early now i would like an open some hold i liked the falcons chances if the front 7 of green bay does a good job stuff in us we we could have a tough time because then they fear and pin their back and try to get after a quarterback so i do like the fog going to close one maybe uh matt brian feel go to win it sounds good to me brian thanks so much for a couple of minutes greatly appreciated enjoy the game tonight they call i got brian finneran former atlanta falcons and host currently on six eighty the fan in atlanta as the mercedes benz superdome or mercedes benz stadium opens tonight four the falcons and you know jody a he he touched on in the second ago st cirque in in new offense apponator i just wonder how long it takes to get that offense going after you had the change change from last year in which cow shanahan renaissance effectively for them there's there's got to be a time fury digits going to take i think that was the biggest falcons law storani offseason was the defections charlie sign and glad to san francisco offense looked otane week one we'll see see what they can do tonight against the green bay defense never easy is brian said would aaron rodgers comes to town with an edge right now the dolphins have just gone in front of the chargers 1917 on a fifty four yard field goal by cody parkie raiders in control of the jets 4220 denver his attitude sleet over dallas twenty one seven late second washington by a field goal over the rams twenty to seventeen seattle and.

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