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I mean he is a terrific player. And now folks in New York have a big problem. For those who may not know the Mets tweeted out. With all due respect to Tom Brady. There's only one hash tag. Tom terrific to us in the show in Tom Seaver their number forty one. L GM. Let's go Mets. Now I look I it's just not. And then there's l l g that's out there right now with let's go blues all the Saint Louis. There's a lot of LG is going on. So with with the with the Mets I grew up, obviously in New York City and Tom terrific was Tom's phrase. He didn't say, I'm Tom terrific. That was the nickname for him that the tabloids gave him. I bet and I 'cause I don't know the exact origin but it does sound like something that is sports writer, or the new York, Daily News, or Newsday back in the day today or which they still. They still they still exist Newsday. And also the New York Post my call Tom terrific. That's what it sounds like. And he was terrific. But. Even as a native New Yorker. I mean, Ariza changed. Tom Brady has the ability to get it. He's not sliding Tom Seaver. Go ahead and do that. And I remember Tom Seaver was Tom terrific. And Tom Brady wants to use that phrase. I'll just always remember as a New Yorker who that who use that I. I mean is that bad form by Tom Brady? The New York tabloids are having a lot of fun with this. So the New York Post headline for this is Tom Brady's obscene. Tom terrific graphs, crazy. The first two paragraphs say patriots quarterback, Tom Brady has fired filed a trademark for the nicknamed, Tom terrific. Wow. Tom. The twit is more like it. Gosh, I know I know. Boomer size when crazy on his radio show. Humor assize went crazy. Look, look, ladainian Tomlinson has gone by the nickname of LT. For a very long time. You ask a certain age group if the sick L whose L who's LT. They'll say it's ladainian Tomlinson, but then there's number fifty six Lawrence Taylor, who is the original LT. Right. There's enough LT's in the world to go around for everybody. But guess here's boomer assize quote today w phase enough. There's enough world here. You've got so much GD money you can do whatever you want. And this is now at Tom Brady wants to take maybe New England, and we'll call him that I guess, but, you know what we've been calling Tom Seaver, Tom terrific for as long as I can remember, I'm disgusted. I'm really surprised. I don't know. It just feels sleazy to me, sleazy, sleazy, and a couple of fans told the New York Post he's an idiot, but get your own nickname, New York. It's not like go back to deflate footballs. Okay. It's bring it all up. It's a it's a New York, Boston rivalry. I understand that there too in our against him leave him ally. No way. But if that's what he wants to do. It's not trademarked. It's not like he's ripping it from Tom Seaver 's life, right? Finished his career. With the Red Sox nineteen eighty six he also he threw a no hitter in Yankee Stadium for the White Sox. Okay. And also, if you really want to it's funny, it's really if you really want to drill deep into this. It's funny that the New York tabloids have Tom Seaver back because it was the New York tabloids, who ran him. Right. Out of town dick young was a mean curve. Sports writer, back in the seventies, and the stuff that he wrote about Tom and his family..

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