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God really okay first and foremost no proo outdoor modem zebra crossing somebody most physically demanding sports in the world okay like i'm very very biased against people who drive a car i understand the fitness i get it on you know i talked to cabinet murphy i give them a lot of hard time at monster jam but he he assures me and kind of showed me the ropes a little bit more about what goes on behind the wheel inside a cockpit of nascar right but still we've been around two hundred pound piece of metal jumping seventy five feet it's not like you know hundred thirty feet in the air with thirty other guys behind you you operating at your maximum hartley capacity for thirty minutes plus two lap i mean there's something like it out there triathletes y'all maybe you know people who do merican in your worry or things like whatever but you know they say a lot of times they compared to triathlete where operating at that high heart rate level but out there motocross is hands down one of the grueling is most intense physically demanding sports and look at the the level of docents and look at training that they go through and look at the guys you all kinda in that period jim you you can notice that you really can tell when they go from fifty to four fifty how can rocks in jason anderson you like pullback allotted yet especially i'm terrell these younger guide you know when he comes on the bigger bikes and they started being competitive like their body dynamic teams like how much they leaned out you know they post so much about finished regime but you this is why red bull offered this training labs for their top level athletes.

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