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40 degrees. Partly cloudy on Tuesday with highs in the low to mid forties from the WGN Weather Center. I'm meteorologist My chance. In your money on WGN. Here's Orient Samuelson and we started the day with the right cover on Wall Street. But that disappeared quickly because right now the Wall Street screen is red. The now industrial average down 156 points the S and P 500 down 19 points and the NASDAQ is down 12 points in today's trade. As we look at some of the news and could affect the market. We're still waiting for a Corona virus relief bill still hasn't come and now indications are that we may not see one before the weekend. And the we're still waiting for the Congress to take action on the spending bill, which must be finished by midnight tonight. So there's still a lot of work to be done on Capitol Hill, and it's not getting done because we're Not reaching agreement on the part of the two parties that will write the legislation and from the standpoint of market reports coming up during the next week, and things will get quiet on the trading front because the reports from the government will be slowing down. And during the holiday period, we'll see the markets bordered trademark until exchange, Wall Street shut down for at least a day during the holiday season. So it's going to be a relatively quiet time. That's your money on 7 20, WGN. Currently it's 33 degrees at O'Hare 33 at Midway, 34 down in Lansing and 33 on Chicago's lakefront time, Jen DeSalvo on Chicago's very own 7 20, WGN Maury and just referred to it, So the stimulus is now what We'll pick it up there. The wind trust business lunch for the one standing guard. For the eagle eyed for the Knights in shining armor. For all those who support them. We are Granger. You're experienced safety.

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