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We'll talk a little bit about that and just a little bit, But You know, we've we've talked. I know that on our White Sox weekly show Kind of like night talked a lot about the passing of Hank Aaron and Well, Brian, we want to get a guy that actually had a chance to sit down and talk with them a few years back, right? Absolutely. Steve Greenberg, just one of the best writers in the Chicago media. And as you said, friends, sometimes doing a terrific job and Steve right at the top off a number of great writers over there, But, yeah, always great to get his perspective on all things local and all things national. Yeah, and up until about six months ago, I was still one of the guys that had to run to the local convenience store and pick up a paper. I never liked it. Um, the subscription dropped off of the house because sometimes they would give me the early edition. I want to get the late one. But now I've actually made it to I don't know. Is it the two thousands? That I actually read the paper online. Yeah, I actually read the entire paper online, but it's great because you could really is just like you're reading the paper. You can actually flip the pages if you like as you as you're going along, and I always see on Saturday, Steve Greenberg. Plus, I used the polls all the time I've done show is just based on some of the polls over at the Sun times. Very end Steve Greenberg from the Sun Times. Steve, how you doing today? Good. I like being with you guys. I was gonna make fun of you for being such dinosaurs that you actually still picked up a paper copy of somebody who does that? Actually, I do know, but the digital edition is cool, and I'm glad you're looking at how my parents you looking forward. Consumed the paper now lifelong. Subscribe yourself. Yes. Glad to be on with you and hope to God, you're well. Yeah, Just go ahead right to start with you tweeted out that you were Able to spend an entire day with Hank Aaron and that when you made the initial request, you thought you'd get a plate. Thanks, But no thanks. And not only did you get requests quickly, but it was. Yeah, sure. What do you want to do? And Just everyone's talking about The Hague, hammering Hank in the numbers, anything else, but equally in the number of people on Twitter talking about what a great man and Dusty Baker talking about the character of the man and everything else and Anyone like yourself? We had time to do you know, sit one on one with him and spend a day with him certainly has a better perspective than most of us. Well, you know, I'm no Aaron story, but I did like you said in my previous job when I worked at Sporting using wrote features to that magazine. Had half a day or so with We think, Erin it was for his 75th birthday and we wait. Talk to the ballpark. We took a walk. We had lunch. I'll never forget the look on his face. You could imagine you're saying Karen, who, at the height of his earning power made $250,000 that was society, Major league salary and the look on his face when he heard a report. About Manny Rivera is turning down a $25 million on your contract, 100 Times. The salary. Hank Aaron me. Uh, And anyway, he was very charming. But what Yes. I mean, what? What? Enduring about meeting in that I was able to call him a few times since then, I think probably the last time. Would have been just about six years ago today because You probably mentioned it on your show six years today since Ernie Banks start on those two We're looking for a long time friends who started out in the Negro leagues and had a lot to come. Um But, uh, for sure. You know, it's it's Aaron. The man in many ways, respects out. Wait here in the ballplayer. I know he saw himself that And I remember his wife, Billy. Really emphasizing that when I talked to her, you know, talking about his tremendous gift for humanity and Desire to advance the cause of mankind, and a lot of listeners will remember the name injury Young. He was groundbreaking African American mayor of Atlanta who became Congressman that Ambassador to the United Nations. He is a form of more than 50 years was best friend. Take care, and he delighted and telling me back in 2000 and nine about how everybody always wants to talk baseball with Hank Aaron and Karen wanted to talk about Politics. He wanted to talk about disadvantaged youth. In Atlanta, and he wanted to talk about the water world around there. Uh, Very interested in the acting head largely put baseball in the rear view, even though he still worked for the grace. Of course, he was a baseball guy, but that did not define it. No, And he also talked about Steve Greenberg from the Sun Times. It's interesting, because as you just said it, you said you took a walk with him. Um, even just that, just walking down the street with a guy like Hank Aaron as as a reporter. And, you know, in the importance of Hank as a baseball guy, And then, as all the other things he did, you had to just shake your head and pinch yourself. I know I'm sure you talked to many other people, but talking to Hank Aaron, he's just walking down the street with him having a meal with him. Hey, seemed like you're no an everyday guy who could be a lot more. I don't know what you want to say, Arrogant stand office, but he everybody I know that has ever had a chance to meet him, says he was the most normal, gentle, kind person they've ever met. You know what I think really largely form. That point of view that it was intentional for him. You know, he was really stunned by and resentful of a lot of the hatred that he received, as he Closed in on the home run record on gay Bruce record came from fans that came for media and came from all sides and something he said that then a quote I look down because I wanted to make sure the reading on the on the air here If you guys just, you know, he said, I've learned how to forget a person who can't learn that is a miserable person because you walk around all your life hating people, and you're not built for that. So, yes. You know, he was very kind and warm and generous and all that. I don't think you Um Necessarily was always that way. I'm sure he was always quite dignified. Because, you know, he just said you did that. But Maybe became or trusting. And again it was intentional choice he made, but he got old. So that was part of what was so likable about him, especially later on and by the way, you know their way. No. Guys like us from our parents from Anson uncles from and then we know there's a big difference between 75. Which is what he was dead and 86. Which is what he wasn't the end, right? He, uh I don't know what You know what it was like for him again. But I know you know from having a similar view John Wooden when he was 98 shortly before. You die, and then you know, just last night just happened to talk to my leaving 95. You know, because well, there And so I really, um cherish You know, uh, interactions like that these air Caesar people we need to hold on to, uh, appreciate it. That's the way I feel every time I speak with Billy Williams, who I checked in on a couple times during and that pandemic and Learned that.

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