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Say it's a major disappointment now at O and four. I mean, this is terrible. It's brutal. It's I mean, it's depressing. Justin sucks. This sucks. I don't know any other way to put it. We have heard that consistently from one J. J. Watt and on Monday Black Monday as it were Bill O'Brien fired his head coach and general manager and a chance to catch up with John McClane, who's covered the Texans and the NFL for the better part of a half A century is also part of our affiliate in Houston Sports Radio 6 10. The conversation really does provide some great insight. We're going to pick it up where I asked him. About J. J, who's been so honest and candid this first month of the season. You hear some of his adjectives to describe what they've been through on DH J. J believes that they're better than what they've shown. So I asked John McClane if he agreed with that. That's all they yes, they should have played better in losing. They lost. They were eight and three in one's court games last year. They've already lost two. There were five and three on the road. They've already lost two. So I'm not saying I've never picked him when a Super Bowl. I've picked him to be a wild card this year in Tennessee to win the division. They got enough talent to make the playoffs. I don't think they will now. Because the guys that among their best players are not producing and ah, not producing across the board on either side of the ball, and we'll say it was that billow brand inspector Of bail looming large over the organization game plan Playcalling Gateway to see their offensive coordinator Tim Kelly get played, calling back and see if it's Bore the same or with O'Brien. Not there. Will he show us something? He didn't show us over the first three games. So you think this might be a message to being sent to the locker room that everybody needs to be on notice? Well, not everybody. I mean, like a trade cut. J. J. Why? Lammy Council Shawn Bronson. You know, as long as you've got a great young quarterback like Watson and the last two games, Amy, it's been spunk. Two touchdown pass in the first quarter first half. They led 21 17 halftime got suffocated in the second half of this game. They're terrible in the first half Terrific in the second touchdown passes went up to the end of somehow watching could put those two forms is together. They'd be great. They be He'd be great again and they would be good. So far, they have not been able to do it. Romeo Crennel has been around a long time. He's AH, head coach and a couple of different places certainly been with AA lot of different organizations, as the defense of coordinator has a great reputation. What changes with the voice in terms of How he speaks to the locker room from O'Brien to two Romeo Cornell weather posted Now these are the opposite end of the spectrum bills, the captain of a ship and he wants things done a certain way. Romeo 73 years old kind of the grand fatherly type. I'll see him blown up sometime on the practice field, but that's nine large, not the way He operates, has got five Super Bowl rings. He's been head coach of Cleveland. Kansas City got fired both places. But he's one of the most decorated coordinators in history, so respected by everyone and liked by everyone and that clothes Players, media, others in the organization and under the circumstances for having an interim coach. I think he's right for the situation, just like I thought, Dusty Baker coming into a terrible situation with the Astros was the right situation. Sometimes that experienced hand who's seen everything. Multiple times can help you in certain dire circumstances. Trauma claim with us from Houston following the change at head coach And as you say the promotion of Romeo Crennel for the rest of this season. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. Obviously, the Texans are going to be looking for AH, head coach who can lead the organization to the next level. Likely not Coronel. But I saw your tweet about Eric Be enemy and absolutely love it because I was disappointed he didn't get an opportunity last year. The offensive coordinator with the kids of City Chief's What do you like about him? Why do you think he might be a good fit? She's God's Patrick Mom's. He's called the place the last two years. He wanted Super Bowl and their unbeaten and he's worked under Andy Raid. Former player longtime coach everybody that I know in the organization covers him and people who know the enemy around the legs say he is ready. He could come in here. You know that many. Seems that fired coaches give you a chance to work with a quarterback like this Shawn Watson. They have a lot of talent on their office, and it would be a good situation for him with a patient on her. They had three coaches in 19 years Now Bill lasted into 1/7 season. Kubiak almost through eight and Dom Capers, five. Counting the area was there before they started playing, so you don't see a lot of owners. That is the kind of patients The the Ah, timeline is interesting, too, because it's so early. You can't really pick saying Eric Be enemy or a coach who's already employed from another team. They're still three months left now in the regular season, But what Mr McNair say about potentially, you know, searching for their next coach. I guess, Um, hey, Jack Case to be his executive vice president. Football operations who worked hand in hand with Bill O'Brien. Bill handle personnel. Jack was involved in personnel contracts budgets. All that Hill worked closely with. Cal McNair's I've had corn first search from the last two, Not Kubiak. Mika last terrible, Brian. They'll know they'll do that. But I didn't know this. When you Fargo, Charlie, you're going to hear from a lot of agents. Every offensive defensive coordinator fired coach. They're all going to have their agents contact you so you can start making that list awfully early. And I think that's probably one reason they did. Will they hire a coach who also serves as GM? Or Will they split up those responsibilities? No, they won't have a coach is His general manager again, but what they will do there's nine coaches in the league who have total control of personnel. They just don't have the title of general manager because they don't mess with those other. General manager duties Any good coach who has more than one offer is going to say I want final say over personnel. I don't care about the general manager. Let somebody else do all that stuff. Let Jack used to be Do that, And so I would imagine calving. There wants a good candidate. He's going to have to give somebody personnel. John McClane with us from Houston here on CBS Sports Radio. There was a lot of success under Bill O'Brien Mean, As you pointed out, he was into his seventh year he had a winning record, barely, but he did more than 50 wins four division titles..

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