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Right lane is closed also the right lane closed along three seventy five south bound between seventy five and Jefferson also midday construction until two thirty now W. J. R. whether first from the weather channel weak low pressure passes north maybe a rain shower this afternoon probably get a little more cloudy but some sun especially early afternoon forty seven tonight a chance of showers are little wet snow early not expecting cannulation overnight we break a plough party thirty four in town Friday cloudy and little wind around especially as the day goes on a flurry snow shower coming through at high cold thirty nine from the weather channel meteorologist restated on newstalk seven sixteen WJAR it is both sacred and profane it is a romantic love and carnal desire this is the power of this is join the Detroit symphony and me for call for six tickets start at fifteen dollars visit D. as call three one three five seven six fifty one eleven with support from FCA foundation Thursday Justin March twelfth through the with and the Detroit.

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