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So it was the are either the most elaborate pumping dump or a seemed concerted it definitely started in a very specific areas a started in south korea and taiwan from there but it's to to watch it unfolded there's an article are put in the show notes actually from this strategically guys that explained it very very well but it's a super along read it's it's so bitcoin cash was effectively indifferent currency right now you see this is a hard work bitcoin this is that this is the thing i think he's interest rates for cry but as i understand it an early on no toll show i'll just out of this correctly act all right someone said they said i went back this can't be the truth bar i heard it said that when they forked there they even have a copy of the block chain all the way up to the point which they did the folk which means the if he had a thousand pounds each bitcoin after they fold you still had a thousand belgian baked code on the bitcoin block try but you also had a thousand pounds the bitcoin cash that doesn't seem right turncoats honey just topic at without cobb possibly be the truth but know i don't understand and i would add i've tried to research these and it's the most confusing thing i've ever are fundamentally don't get these all like so is it wasn't it eighth about it on i should have put a pounding naisse but hayes years ago now at out all the money on its if you had one bitcoin during the fork you then had one bitcoin and one bitcoin cash after fork yeah we reject up a out he say no because bitcoin cash was not worth the same as bitcoin it's kind of like on your stock splits you have twice as much stock you don't have twice as much duller monetary value of stack paulo out sense is that the amounts varied yes five no problem.

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