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So thanks for joining me for this podcast. Jesus drops the bombshell. One of them is going to betray him. That would be judas. Peter sees this is a great opportunity to both of his great love and devotion for christ and he says though all tonight you i will never ten you. Jesus since you brought it up for the rooster crows twice. You'll deny three times that you know me. Peter said there's no way that will ever happen. Well no it was going to happen. And peter was about to learn. The pride goes before a fall and so of course. That's exactly what he ended up doing fast forward crisis arrested. He's being taken out to the house of the high priest kaya face and outside of his house there's an open patio area where there's a big fire burning and people are warming themselves by it. Peter is sort of following a as crisis arrested. He goes that a fire and he's standing there. Some recognizes him and says you were with jesus. I mean the first thing. I would have asked the by repeater was would be. Are there any roosters around here. Because jesus did say very specifically crow twice. Jesus no i never knew the guy. Peter says rooster crows and our passes he could have gotten out of their and our paths. That someone else. No i recognize you. You were with jesus. I never knew them and rooster crows. Then he denies him at third time. The third time taking an oath saying in effect. I swear to god i never knew jesus and at that moment the bible tells us christ was let out of the house of and he made momentary contact with simon peter and the glow of the fire. Wow what kind of expression do you think jesus had. When he looked at peter at that moment after his third giving you rolled his eyes. A i think he looked at them with love and compassion. He knew it was coming. He predicted that. But peter was devastated. Any went out and began to weep bitterly because he had failed the lord the lord knew he would fail so he was giving him another chance. So peter and john sprint to the tomb and by the way in john's gospel he mentions. He beat peter to the two. That's a perk of writing your own gospel. You can be inspired by god but you can throw in little details like that. Yeah i beat the old dude. He was kinda slow both of them. Come and see the same scene. It's an mtv to it's a tomb of a wealthy man belonging to joseph joseph of arimathea others area cut out the lead. The body and jesus was wrapped in bandages. Almost mummy like if you will. The bandages are still. There is always still in them but the body is gone. John comes at the tomb. Looks in sees. The body is gone immediately gets risen and takes off. Peter comes in chess. Tv looking looks at the same thing. The bible says he wondered in himself. What was happening little skeptical. I don't know what's going and as he's leaving the tomb. Yes who he encounters. Jesus the they have a private conversation that we don't know anything about. We just know that jesus appeared personally to peter and no doubt that is when jesus extended to peter forgiveness. But peter probably thought. I'm a washed up on. Never do anything for god again. I'm no longer puff soul plans and that brings us to john twenty one by the way..

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