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Surly Mo- speaks to the media weighs in on the terrible decision. We thought we love the Court of Arbitration is sport. We have turned on them. Even though they exonerated Chelsea from their earlier transfer ban as we mentioned, they botched this one neutral observer Chris Wittingham Manchester City get off on the technicality that this falls out of the five year window, amongst other reasons, which I'm sure you're neutral, self will get into in a little bit, but if this attitude of limitations clause always existed, why would you even try? Try Them I. Don't know and that's kind of the question that a lot of people are waiting for the full report, and yes, there will be a full report. Put Out, and I will read it, and it'll be a lot of legal ease, but I think one of the things that happened here. We can play jobs as comments is the way that it got reported in the way that in general like what happened with Chelsea I think a lot of people just believed assumed that the allegations against him. Him are true because of the manner in which they're reported the governing bodies doing investigation, they leaks the details of the meat, and they make you think man Chelsea guilty ascend Man City guilty as sin, but then they put in front of a neutral court, and the rulings get overruled and so I think the way that cities information if first off, it starts with the football league's e mails that get put out then there's details in the New York Times at their floating a two year ban and so. So immediately all the other clubs and the primarily start think all right well. They're guilty because when we putting this out if they weren't guilty, and so that kind of laid the groundwork and I think a lot of managers are reacting to well I, assume they going to be guilty, and you were going to have to deal with him in the champions. League and matter of really hurt their standing in club football, so Marino's comments. We can play them. They make no sense to me is a disgraceful decision. Because, if Nancy, CDs not guilty of it. I sink to be punished with some some million is. A disgrace as a decision..

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