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Warriors twenty nine and fourteen which half game back, and it's funny. Because. It's just expectation level. We expect the warriors to win championships. Now, we expect them to win sixty plus games all these kind of things and yet for all the things they haven't done or aren't whether it be injuries or losing to this team allusion to that team. We look at the words, and we got. Yeah. They're just not they're not having that kind of season early on pays for runoff fifty four games. Whatever it is. And yet they find themselves a half game behind the nuggets. So you kinda gotta put data perspective. No nuggets did beat the warriors back in October was the twenty first and as Steve said right there because what happened early in the season. And we'll we'll do a more comprehensive breakdown of this game about five thirty with the countdown to tip off. Highly rated at about five thirty. We'll do that L. Hear more from Steve Kerr and Fitz set now with Kevin Durant. We'll play some of that stuff worrying about an hour. But in just looking at this team, and I was I was trying to think to myself at about the midway point of the season. Who are the biggest threats to the worst championship well in the Eastern Conference? Obviously the length of the walkie is a problem a Toronto with quite Leonard has shown that they're pretty legit. Good Boston is kind of sitting in the weeds. They may have to make a move. Kyrie came out the other day and kind of offended some of the younger players, whatever we're at the midway point of the season because we have so much content to fill both on TV and radio and in print and on the internet with blogs with podcast anything else. We have never been bombarded more with kind of what I call the the now because we can't wait for June. We gotta we gotta show to fill right now. So we were your fans understand that you can't you can't make warrior fans panic make patriots fan fans panic, but a lot of other teams a lot of other cities midwest e so forth south when it comes to college football. You mean panic all the time you gotta talk about now. Now now now now the reality is that if you're a warriors fan, you know, what it's like and how they're gonna be playing in June. It's like the patriots every single year. It's the same drill. People worry about the patriots defense or not people fans worry about the patriots defense. It's over talked about they're done. They're too old to this to that. And then there you go there in the NFC championship game against the chiefs. And the words are the same way. But I did this go back to the nuggets for a minute. Kind of looked at the Western Conference and said, okay, let's let this thing shakeout worth midway point of the season. So I'm not saying that there's not going to be a lot of changes. Because if you look at say from the I think the three best teams right now nuggets warriors thunder rockets, probably those are the four and then when you get to the blazers lasers clippers Spurs jazz Lakers kings. I don't who knows how those teams would finish. But after the first four that's about it. I think the contenders are in the first four I wouldn't say they'd even the thunder contenders. I think the rockets they get everybody back in the rockets are still contender. But I delved deeper into the nuggets and you start looking at this team. They've got the first of all they're led by a superstar Yokich is a star. He's a superstar player the other night. I watched the entire game against Portland, forty points, fifteen boards, eight assists. These amazing. So you got you put them in that category. So twenty three years old. They've got what about seven guys that are in. Double figures have got another guy at nine point nine nine point two. Eight point seven seven point four is for a scoring is concerned. They have about eleven guys that average twenty minutes or more per night. They're essentially what the warriors were when they kind of got started because it is strength in numbers for these guys. They're extremely deep. And then you start looking at the ages of these guys long-term Yokich Twenty-three Murray Twenty-one Harris twenty four now you have a Millsap that's in their thirty three or Barton is twenty eight, but even some of these younger guys, like Beasley or Morris twenty three twenty two Lyles twenty three we're not even talking obviously about Zia Thomas. I don't even know fits anymore. Under this team in. Oh, by the way, Michael Puerto junior was taken fourteenth of the knee injury. Adam, missouri. He was highly rated coming out. He hasn't been played this year. Neither as Thomas. So. I mean, you're talking about a team, honestly, the could ridiculously go twelve deep. Now, you don't need to go twelve deep wants the playoffs it, but the original point is is Denver for real. Well, usually what happens is if you're looking at a team is going to contend for a championship. They've got two to three. Maybe two superstars and another starred add right now, they were superstar Yokich, and they have Murray who's really good in Harris who's really good in Millsap has his moments, although he's older and Barton when he gets completely healthy is pretty good. I think they have a lot of players. I think what they could do at some point. It can put them over the top is take some of that debt and trade that depth where a really really good player. Now what I do that right now, I don't know about that. But again, if they come to the point if they come playoff time, we're actually come trade deadline time more accurately, if they go trade deadline time and decide look we are extremely deep which they are. We can take a few these assets and turn them into a really really good player. Then they could they could be some everybody is focusing on the Lakers because a LeBron James, and I get it. And I do think that LeBron James is going to get kind of sick of this stuff, and you're going to have Ingram and you're gonna ball, and you're on a couple of guys they I think they want to keep Kouzmin. I think that they're going to trade it for a star. Our player, and then they can also sign a guy in the off season. But Denver's another team to watch round the trade deadline because they are ridiculously deep. They have some young players that teams would like to have that for them right now or depth pieces. Even like Michael Puerto junior was the fourteenth overall pick highly rated out of Missouri. I don't know where he is as far as his injury is concerned. But he'd be a guy that a lot of teams would be into. I'm sure. You sure. Depending on what the medicals would say a couple of other those young depth pieces. They could be in a great position to add a superstar player new you put that next yoke with yoga. I'm sure they would keep Murray. And then all of a sudden, you're cooking with gas. And they might be a team depending on who they trade for that. I think could absolutely give the warriors problems come playoff time. We know what Mike Malone can do. So they got a good coach. They got a superstar player. I think they add one more, and they could be an issue now as far as tonight's game is concerned. Here's the great thing about the warriors. They tend to send messages, I'm not a big message send guy let's send a message here. Send a message complaint that doesn't matter. It's again, it's content for TV and radio shows stuff to write about whatever blog about people don't blogging more podcast about. But it's in terms of what it meant. Generally doesn't mean anything. But I think this is the as we look for motivation for the warriors to me this is a motivation game you go in there. It's a tough place to play. They're a good team. The kind of feeling themselves a little bit the warriors going and they win that kind of game. That's generally what they do. So that's what I think tonight will be about. I think they'll be focused. I think they'll play. Well, do they do they win? I don't know. The other thing too is it's kind of become a hot topic. With the warriors being in the two hole behind the nuggets. They would they would by the way, they would jump them tonight. If they win is everybody saying the words can win from the two hole. They did it against the rockets last year. There's no question they could. And again, it's far too early for this conversation, but we'll have it. Anyway. He don't wanna play a game seven in Denver. You know what I'm saying game seven in Houston. But you don't wanna play game seven in Denver. And I don't know that. But Tom does. And he's told me enough times that plane and Denver's not fun. You'd rather have that game at oracle arena. So it's fairly. I'm not gonna see it's really really important, but it's kind of a fairly important kind of important. Whatever term you want to use. It's kind of important because they've already lost to this team this year. And again, it's unlikely that you're going to tie a team. I get that. That'd be nice to get the win not to send a message. But just kinda just say, look, we're still the bully on the block the matter. What you do? I would not be surprised if Denver if they kept this up and were near the top of the conference if they took some of that depth. And they said, you know, what we can get a star player for some of these guys. They got a guy like Michael porter jR, like I said he was taken fourteenth over on with the top player in the country last year before his knee injury. You couple him with. And I don't know what they think of my have no idea what their opinion is. But they've played well to this point without a maybe he's going to be the superstar. I don't know. But you put that with something you you add a a a star. Whether it's I don't know who who it could be. I mean colliding is gonna play in Toronto they're gonna try to woo him. Stay whoever could potentially be on the block. I don't know if that'd be Jimmy Butler if he wears out his welcome in Philadelphia. Whatever the case may be and they add a star type player. Like, I don't think they're gonna add Anthony Davis. Who's to say they could come up with as good of a package as anybody in the league. And all of a sudden a team out of nowhere. Like Denver do that. Again. I don't know that he'd resign. But I'm simply saying that this is a deep young team. That's really good right now. And if you added a big piece to these guys they'd be scared. And they're going to keep Murray. They're going to keep Yokich. So you're talking about two guys twenty two and twenty three years old. They're gonna anchor this team you had one more star this team. You'll sacrifice some of the depth. But that's what you do is a team. You don't need twelve thirteen guys the plastic. That's what the Rhone with right now. That's how deep they are. Anyway, should be good game. I think the warriors will be into sending some sort of a message, even though not huge believer in that. But it's motivational for them. You know, this is a motivational type game. I'd be surprised sometimes even with the worst. They'll play lackadaisical at home in a game that you think they're going to be fired up for IEP Toronto. But on the road, they rarely do that think Milwaukee on the road. That's just they just kind of us against the world out of a mentality. So I think that's the way it's going to go tonight. Anyway, kmby are you want to get into that conversation? We can will look further into this game at about five thirty as we'll get you ready for that whole thing resettled the big stories coming up next. They still haven't gotten to the latest on Antonio Brown will give you that information. Plus what happened? Yesterday at the White House people thought it was some sort of a political statement that even brought it up. I don't like talking about Trump. I just think what happened yesterday was unbelievable. We got that other stuff on the agenda. We'll do it next only here on these words here..

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