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And that's probably change this year it looks like he's been more mature from afar the ways plane in iranian army work gassing i guess but um i bet they want to see how he handles a success this offseason and what what is his mindset coming in next year who'd we have what kind of leader do we have there now do you ever your watched the good place the show on nbc ted danson an and khorasan bell i've stopped watching network television shows because they they they played of the mass audience so much and which means are stupid this landslide hinder watch like the cable shows in the netflix chills i am kyw iin this one's right there i'm in that boat this one is unique and i actually i was very reluctant to pick it up because it just yeah it's it you know it's on nbc and like i don't know it's it's an nbc show they just do a bunch of donald dramas about chicago it seemed like than they had this other show um be i picked it up like a couple of months ago and it's a half hour long so it's easier to find time to watch it and it's it's really good but the reason tug that is is there's just like a running blake bortles joke throughout that show and it's kinda like real ideal blake blake boral's it's kind of like a punchline well it it it's like may not always be that way yeah i don't timoc carver was the punchline in broadcasting for a long time and i think he was one of the most respected broadcasters within broadcasting.

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