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I don't. I think the food's fine. The blitzes. No, you can't get. No, you can't get the pastry stuff there. The do now does not taste right. The the, the pastry stuff is always bad. It's really, it's just never right. And then I think I got sick off a Reuben last time I ate there. So the thing is like if you're a Jewish deli shot out the Serge's on the west side in New York, a real fucking Jewish deli, twenty four hour. Deli is the shit at some of the food ever like a really good multiple soup. A love that shit, though this. What about green blasts? Greenglass is fucking amazing. Corinne blankets, just so we're not like shitting all LA. No. I like Kanter happen to get kinda. Go back to Kansas. And there's that one bobby's beef shack bright by the beef house beef barn. Bobby's lady hippies, beef curtains eight after the movie the it was on swingers Springer's. So it's all right. Yeah. Yeah. I like I like, what's your favorite? LA diner a lot of them, but bread sixty two. Those seems pricey to do like it. Remember day creating the country and creek travel guide to Los Angeles, Fred sixty two in those fields, and they have terrific malteds they have and they have good chili too. I had the chili pie. That's right. That's by frito pie. Sorry. Three. Oh, the served in a frito bag. Actually, my favorite is probably Cindy's in eagle rock. Oh, it's only open during the day, but it's a really good diner. Everything's made from scratch. All the sauces are made from scratch. Also really like this one downtown in Chinatown Chinatown called Knicks. Knicks ham house next ham house? Yeah, it's delicious. Him house. They make the ham there. No, no, they're famous for their hand. They, they do. They're famous for your home to famous sausages where both. Yeah. What rule out don't be so narrow minded favorites. My fruit barn and my wagon versus you. We have very versus sorry v. verse v fevers verse. Have you ever met her verse, you know, have a big fan, but I never seem to be able to get to her show when she, you know, factually performing product to be verse Iverson. Dusty tornado doing it will Bill soon. -absolutely shout out Keating savage. My adopted son head partner in a musical project. Yeah, motherfucker. He did a great version of any in the jets when we were carrying on time. Karaoke piece actually karaoke you that time Shakespeare Shakespeare actually. We, I love doing Kerry Cariocas fawn. Now it's one thing that's an LA thing. Yeah, they do it New York, not the same vibe. Also somebody like super talented people that also can just sing their ass off that live here like the guy next door might be able to really sing. It's just very LA for that. Yeah. What's your go-to karaoke jam. I tell you, I tend to shy away from anything with vocals. No, I. I like Rb. Ballads of the seventies. Yeah. Yeah. Your your arm be knowledge is. That's my my inexperience. Yeah, brothers, Bobby call. Well, sure something with some with some soul on. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I usually like to say, I can't do very well, but that's the music. I think you do a good job and I think that doesn't matter. It's all about the enthusiasm for every everybody brings a different thing to carry. Okay. That hot out. Cut out. Okay. Cut out height. I e speaking g may Tim when you got got lines both on the my, but I in days. Oh shit. That's legit. That's. Legit. So you how many times you've been to Japan? I never. I've actually never been through the Tokyo airport for four hours. Go into some other gig in Asia? Yeah. By been tying ago, we'd never. Neither of us have been. Amazon are going to Japan. They're hunting lovely. Oh, cool. That's why we're having on after we want to get all the stories, other Japanese food, Japanese, sherzer of I love her Asala..

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